Power Ledger (POWR)

With a lot of attention on cryptocurrencies of late; users are getting a glimpse of the benefits of select coins. Power Ledger (POWR) is one of the coins in focus due to its technology structure. With the digital coin boom almost at stand still, there are coins that still look promising.

Power ledger platform architecture takes the peer-to-peer decentralized network to the next level. while staying away from other functions, it is a platform where participants can exchange electricity. This enables you share excess power that your local providers has allocated you. Whether you use all the power allocated to you or not, the supplier gets their gains off you.

Power ledger enables you sell the extra power to those who do not have or have exhausted their allocation. Any unused power is sold to other consumers and you might not be sure whether you are paying what you have consumed. With Power ledger, usage is transparent and reselling it brings in profits.

Ledger Power (POWR) Popularity Growth

With a lot of interest generated during the ICO, the Power Ledger (POWR) token still remains popular. The coin market capitalization stands at $122.9 million compared to six month ago when the market cap was $68million. This is a tremendous growth at the backdrop of ad bans and government regulations. The coin was not spared by the market slump and is just on its way to recovery.

The POWR token is trading at $0.337902 after registering a marginal gain of 0.97% the dollar(at the time of writing). The bearish performance could be attributed to the current market trade but the historical data has a different tale to tell. It has been able to wither the storm due to its stability and demand for power. With adoption on the rise, it is important to look at why it is drawing all the attention.

Power Ledger (POWR) Government Support

Power Ledger (POWR) seems to have the backing of the Australia government. With an award of $8 million, the government seems to have endorsed cryptocurrencies and the citizenry followed suit to adopt the coin. The gesture is to support the platform future development of the ecosystem.

On its part, Power Ledger has also drawn partnerships from learning institutions, tech companies and infrastructure development experts. The goal of the collaboration is to see how the blockchain technology can benefit the country’s power distribution, water systems and driving smart cities.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and other bodies are behind the project. Once the project’s trials are positive, this will impact positively on the token price and value.  The state support for a young coin in the market means there is a good future in the initiative and early adoption is the only way to access the future benefits.

Power Ledger (POWR) way to the Future

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors are still watching the market as it enters the second quarter. There are many investment options now than ever before and choosing the right digital asset is very important. Power ledger seems to have the right value proposition of the next generation making it the natural investment choice.

With the partnership with Greenwood Solutions and Power ledger means more homes will be connected to the grid and excess energy sold to those with additional needs. Hooking the renewable power by greenwood into the Power ledger platform will see more users turn to using POWR tokens to make them more valuable in the crypto-market.

As a commercial power trading platform, Power Ledger tax compliance pact is in its final stages and once it sails through, the Australian government will be able to benefit. This support is good enough to entice the citizenry to take advantage of the low cost power, sell the surplus and transact using Power Ledger (POWR). This explains why the coin is set to surpass the $1 before the end of 2018.


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