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Neo (NEO) has been on a steady rise to the top since it was launched back in 2016. The ‘Chinese Ethereum’ enjoys much hype compared to its competitors in the smart contract technology arena. Neo is continuing to assert its dominance with a view to replace Ethereum as the best platform for decentralized applications (dApps) to be built and developed. The blockchain beats EOS and TRON in development, ICON in number of transactions per second with only NEM currently providing real competition in the field.

In the last two months, NEO held over 28 successful workshops across the Asia-Pacific region, sensitizing the public about the wonders of the NEO blockchain. Tours to Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo were followed up by meetings in Australia. This surprisingly is first time NEO Development Conference was held on the continent. NEO first stop was in Melbourne on March 12th, where over 400 people showed up overcrowding the venue. The team finished the tour on March 16th touring Sydney and lastly Seoul.

NEO’s upcoming developments in April

NEO Council released the Council Report highlighting its developments, achievements and milestones in February and March. The report highlighted the NEO Development Competition, the updates on the KPN and City of Zion consensus nodes, the debut NEO hackathon and a number of tours across Asia Pacific region.

This April presents a fully action packed month to any NEO investor and enthusiast, especially those in Europe. With the price of NEO rising above

  • Development and growth of dApps

Neo (NEO) has been placed by many cryptocurrency experts as the most likely platform to replace Ethereum as the best blockchain for developers to build and develop decentralized applications (dApps) ̶ together with NEM. One of these dApps, THEKEY is currently doing well after an understanding with the Chinese government. This agreement ensures that Jiaxing, a city located in China, will work with the NEO based token to make the city a smart city. The token was also recently listed on LBank exchange and will look to addition to major exchanges this month.

As more and more applications continue to be adopted, NEO blockchain will grow even faster due to its scalability.

  • NEO added on Cobinhood

NEO continues to linger in the top ten largest coins, currently 9th with a market capitalization of over $3billion USD. Cobinhood (COB) is to list NEO as a tradable coin on the exchange. The exchange currently trades daily volumes of slightly under $1 million USD making the effect of the addition negligible at the very least. However, given Cobinhood’s zero fee exchange policy, NEO may well create a niche market on the exchange to significantly impact the daily traded volumes positively.

The exchange also announced addition of Gas (GAS) to the exchange. GAS is used on the NEO blockchain as a payment system.

  • Global promotional plan

So much is focused on developing the systems and blockchains, that some teams forget promoting their coin to the world. Not NEO. The Neo Council started the global promotional plan which is a move to promote the NEO platform across the world. The first NEO DevCon was held in the US, Los Angeles to be exact with the most recent conferences being held in the Asia Pacific region.

This April will see the team travel across Europe and hold conferences to promote and educate on the NEO blockchain and its capabilities. The tour is scheduled to start on the 14th of this month in Amsterdam then to Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, and Vienna then conclude in Zurich on 26th April. For more information check their official website.

Neo (NEO) price recently hit $50 this Wednesday as the monthly reports from the NEO Council were released. Upcoming events in April should present the perfect time for NEO buyers to stock up on the coin as decentralized dApps on the blockchain continue to grow, NEO is added to exchanges and the upcoming tours in Europe.

This is in no way the exclusive list, but the major events NEO is planning this April. Other developments on the software and protocols will be carried out to fix any bugs found and add more applications to the blockchain. My earlier prediction of NEO joining Bitcoin and Ethereum in the top 5 largest coins no longer seems far-fetched it seems.


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