With newer cryptocurrencies riding on older generation coins’ goodwill, the current slump has exposed each player’s shortfalls individually. It is about time each concentrates on the recovery route through creating their hype. IOTA (MIOTA) is in the fore front to continue holding on to the green as it endeavors in remaining a challenger to the giant coins.

IOTA MIOTA) market resilience has baffled many and there are more in store that it intends to put in the market for more adoption and value addition. With the infrastructure already in place, adding more features and testing its capabilities seems to be the next frontier. Times are over when the focus was on the market leaders; any coin in the top 10 can turn tables and stand out from the crowd price notwithstanding.

IOTA (MIOTA) Short-Term Plans Trinity Wallet

Already IOTA (MIOTA) has established itself in the market and is moving to the next level, consumer satisfaction and improved experience. This is a block less system that uses Tangle technology that has its own shortfalls that need to be addressed in-house. It has to create its own hype to gain acceptance globally. With the development of Trinity wallet almost complete, this will be the game changer in the cryptocurrency market.

Trinity wallet is a new user friendly product that will be added to the system soon. This is a mobile wallet that will change how storing and transactions in cryptocurrencies works. The wallet has the support of the community and it will ease many problems when it comes to using the MIOTA tokens.

Having a mobile wallet and a desktop version is one way of increasing MIOTA uptake. According to the developer team, users will never have a dull moment when it comes to when and where to spend their digital coins. These two versions target the business users and the individual user on the go. Modern consumers are either using their home computers or smartphone and the wallet will stimulate usage once launched.

With increased features and enhances users experience capabilities, the trinity wallet will hit the market when the user is concerned about the security of their funds. However, the product is secure and migrating to the Alpha has proved it is a good product for the future.

Live Digital ID Testing by IOTA (MIOTA)

With the help of the Tangle technology, IOTA is moving a step further in their quest to create smart cities. Part of the partner cities like Taipei is digitalization of identification. This will help city management easy with a central data depository.  The good news is that the Digital IDs project is underway.

Testing of the digital IDs is a culmination of an agreement between IOTA and Taipei City. The project will turn the city to a smart-city and make it more functional. Once complete, the project seeks to end the identity theft menace and enable the city serve its citizenry in a better way. The system immutability ensure date manipulation is a thing of the past; no more falsification of identities.

The project will enable ease in e-voting, securing important resident data and creation of a central point where data for healthcare, population management and government budgeting can easily be accessed. The Tangle supported date storage will be edited through consensus will remain authentic for small and large scale dissemination.

Lastly, IOTA is spreading its trading wings after being listed by Omoku. The deal makes it possible to convert your MIOTA tokens into the EURO. This paring will see IOTA presence start being felt in countries using EURO; however, this will also depend on how fast the new exchange will grow and spread to more countries.

With these developments, it is clear IOTA (MIOTA) is set to go it alone to create a niche where the giants are unable to pitch the end of the second quarter, MIOTA will be a coin to watch. A smooth implementation of their short term upgrades will move the MIOTA price from the current $0.95 to trade at $2 or more by close of quarter two.


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