Anyone who has observed Stellar (XLM) for some time now knows that this crypto is getting better by the day. It is all rounded and is becoming the go-to crypto for both smart contracts applications, and financial payments as well. The latest deal that has everyone talking, is the IBM one that could see Stellar Lumens get adopted by central banks. It could be adopted by Central banks all across the world, and this would see its value grow significantly.  On this front, Stellar is posing a serious competitive threat to Ripple.

But that’s just one of the areas that Stellar is making waves. In the smart contracts space, it is most likely getting Ethereum investors and developers concerned. To understand why, you just need to rewind your mind back to January when Mobius, a $39 million ICO chose the stellar network over Ethereum.  There reasons were that Ethereum has some serious security and scalability issues that would handicap the project. This was a major vote of confidence for Stellar, and is guaranteed to see the number of Dapps on the platform increase over time. We can already see this happening at the moment.

Just a few weeks ago, the Kin foundation announced that they were migrating from Ethereum to Stellar (XLM). While Kin has stated that they are adding Stellar as a second blockchain, it is a pointer to the realization that Stellar is just a better blockchain. Ethereum has been unable to conclusively deal with some of the issues that have affected it for quite a while, and Kin could be trying to work around this issue. The market will definitely read into this, and you can expect the same to be visible in the value of Stellar for days to come.

It’s not just Kin that is moving towards Stellar, Heir is another blockchain project that has moved to Stellar.  A week ago, Heir stress tested the stellar network, and the results were exceptional. This is an indication that developers are slowly starting to appreciate the value of Stellar, as a smart contracts platform. There is every indication that more projects will be launching on Stellar in the future.

So what can investors expect? Well, as more projects launch on Stellar, and it gets adopted in the finance sector and by ICO projects, you can expect volumes to increase, and with that, the price will go up. That’s not rocket science really. The big deal is in choosing the best time to invest. Based on how things are going for this crypto, this is probably the best time to put in your money.  All these projects are happening at a time when the entire market is depressed, and valuations are extremely low. With all the good things going on around Stellar, a market wide bull rally, would see it hit valuations it has never hit in the past.

Just to give you perspective, Stellar Lumens (XLM) hit highs of over $0.70 in December, before most of the current projects were implemented. That’s an indication that the next Bull Run will be bigger, and those who get in now will smile all the way to the bank.


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