Vertcoin (VTC)

The cryptocurrency arena has been growing in diverse ways in the past two years. These developments have led to the improvements of protocols and nodes used for upcoming blockchain and ICO projects. Vertcoin (VTC) is among the altcoins that have been in the crypto market for over 3 years although the coin is yet to join the top 100 cryptos in market capitalization.

The technology of Vertcoin is quite similar to that of Litecoin and the pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. However, users and investors would be interested to know that the digital currency is Asic resistant; this simply means that the reward allocation and fairness within the network are among the factors that the Vertcoin community will have much control on.

The team behind Vertcoin (VTC) strongly believes in maintaining the original purpose of cryptocurrencies and has built a protocol that cannot accommodate centralized mining. Vertcoin has been built to do away with this mining that is slowly becoming a norm in the crypto space; the altcoin has been quite stable in its period of existence with early users boasting gains of over 2000% as of press date. Volatility within the crypto market is not a foreign concept and any investor within this class of assets should be very wary when investing. Vertcoin’s volatility within the past 50 days is a good example since the coin’s price varied at 50% which is relatively high when compared to market securities and treasury bonds.

Vertcoin (VTC) project is quite straightforward and focused on efficiency as well as improving P2P transactions within the blockchain network. Users who are looking for a crypto that they feel more included unlike the likes of Ripple which are regulated would feel comfortable joining the Vertcoin community. The cryptocurrency is currently traded in over 15 coin markets with Upbit leading in trading volume at over $13,700,000 within the last 24 hours; this is 64% of the total VTC coins currently in circulation.

This cryptocurrency which currently trades at slightly over $2 was once at an all time high of $10.53 when the crypto market was strongly bullish. As is expected in the crypto market the coin later reduced this price by more than 70% although it remains a good crypto investment having made gains in 67% of the months they have been in operation. Investors’ can be hopeful that this coin will continue to increase in value given that they have focused much infrastructure on the decentralization aspect. This gives the coin a mileage in having concrete fundamental value as opposed to scam coins that have been identified as pump and dump projects. The Vertcoin mining pool that offers flexibility and fairness even when large mining pools have dominated the network is expected to lure more users who want complete control of transaction approvals and mining; this could eventually push its value up back to $10 in future.

VTC Growth & Scalability

  • Asic Resistance; Major Cryptocurrencies like BTC can be unfair when a few users use powerful or costly hardware to mine. This is because they do not have the asic resistance feature which ensures that decentralization is maintained as users cannot interfere with hashing for personal gains.
  • Demand Formula; Vertcoin has set a reward system that will gradually increase the demand for VTC coins; in every 4 years rewards for blocks mined will be reduced by half making the coin scarce while its value increases.
  • Litecoin Partnership; The team at Vertcoin (VTC) is well aware of competitive advantages that come with partnering in the crypto market. This coin is currently a work in progress together with Litecoin (LTC); in future platforms that accept LTC will accommodate the VTC coin based on a speedy network to be launched in future.
  • Transactions per second; The lightning platform is set to ease the exchange of digital assets in future within the Vertcoin network which is lucrative to any cryptopreneur and enthusiast. This will go a long way in seeing the coin being listed in major coin exchanges like Binance.


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