Dash (DASH)

Despite the sluggish cryptocurrency market, there are coins that are working behind the scenes to make their user base stable. Dash (DASH) seems to be in the forefront of strengthening its stability as the cryptocurrency market remains sluggish. The boost by Payza and Uphold Inc. appear to be bearing fruits.

With the recent developments, the Dash hype seems to have come alive for this digital money platform. The addition of dash to the Payza ecosystem means the coin is exposed to over 13million Payza users. Uphold on the other hand is also a major player in the money remittance space and deal with over 32 different coins, a plus for dash.

Dash (DASH) is already being felt across the world with the coin being used in over 190 countries. The partnership with Payza and Uphold Inc. exposes the coin to more users and adoption is evident. This is proving to be a real threat to the market leader PayPal especially in countries where there are PayPal restrictions and gaining acceptance in its traditional strongholds.

 The Payza, Uphold Inc. and Dash (DASH) Matrix

The partnership between Payza, Uphold Inc. and Dash is a clear message to the world that blockchain is ripe to disrupt the industry and offer the consumer a convenient, secure, fast and reliable way to send and receive money globally. This also means with DASH coins you can shop and make online payments with ease.

Payza accounts are linked to banks and this will make it easier for you to send Dash using your Payza account. This is faster than using your bank account to send currencies. Payza gives Dash user to interact with more than 25 currencies the provider has already partnered with.

Uphold Inc. on the other hand has over 34 currencies on its platform. This is an added exposure to Dash as it seeks to become the first blockchain based ecosystem to go global. Dash therefore is the natural choice after Bitcoin, bank accounts and credit cards.

Dash (Dash) Usability

Dash (DASH) becomes the second digital currency on Payza portfolio. Bitcoin was the first; however, Dash low fees and transactions high speeds make it the favorite choice. This will bridge the gap between the under banked and the banked and dash usability capabilities beats BTC by far.

The Dash community seems vibrant and its inroads to the developing countries are unquestionable. Their route to market agenda is to reach all corners of the world and takes advantage of PayPal restrictions. This will not only improve DASH usability but empower its users as well.

The Uphold Inc. and Bitwage partnership with Dash means that it will be possible for Bitwage to roll out its crypto-based payroll project out. This is respected player in the in the filed payroll systems and using a blockchain based network will push its coverage further.

Dash (DASH) at the Marketplace

Over 100,000 companies that support Dash cannot go wrong and this will go a long way in making the DASH coin stable in the coming months. As the market continues to recover, the price of DASH is set to skyrocket if past performance is anything to go by. No coin has been spared by the recent market crash.

The price of Dash (DASH) has also been hit but looking back a year ago today, the coin was trading at $61.44 on March, 6, 2017. The price rose to $1,541.99 in December before it plummeted to the current price of $288.61 and trading in the red against the USD and BTC.

With the above performances, the coin has the potential and once all systems go, the sky could be the limit. However, PayPal has seen the threat from a blockchain based entrant eating into their pie and are working on plans to counter the Dash inroads.


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