Po.et (POE)

Po.et (POE) is a new kind of blockchain based coin; a value addition digital asset. The system goal is to help you manage your content ownership, license and attribute processing. This is a new concept that will disrupt the content ownership and distribution in the global market.

With the Po.et WordPress plugin now available at the WordPress store, the future of the coin looks bright. WordPress supports over 30% of all websites online and this is the right place for Po.et to increase its user base and become household name and tool for content developers and webmasters.

This is a simple platform that will help you track your digital assets’ ownership and attributes. Po.et (POE) is a bridge between those who create content and publishers but eliminates third parties. Third parties benefit from the creator sweat with no input whatsoever. Content creators can verify and discover new content using the Po.et platform transparently.

Po.et (POE) in the Charts

With most alternatives getting out of the market slump and showing positive recovery signs after first quarter shedding last year’s gains, Po.et has managed to stay on the green for several weeks now. At the time of writing the POR coin was trading at $0.028867 with some noticeable gains of 11.55% against the dollar.

The coin choice to be listed on Binance exchange was the right move to reach the masses. This gives the coin global usability and adoption. With a circulation supply of 2.3 billion POE, the exchange accounts for 84% of the total volumes that changed hands in the last 24 hours.

With the news that the Po.et plugin has been intergraded into the WordPress directory, it is a just a matter of time to start seeing increased adoption from content developers and webmasters across the globe. With many websites constructed on the WordPress interface, the coin is going to gain a lot in terms of usage and awareness.

Po.et (POE) Use cases

Po.et is a powerful tool set to change how content creation, publishing and consumers interact in the industry.  It helps the content creator own their content and get rewarded for their creativity. All titles that are availed on the po.et platform are time stamped.  Users and other participants on the platform cannot manipulate your proof-of-brain since your attribution is safely stored for ease of verification in an environment guarded by an immutable technology.

Po.et seeks to offer a transparent system where users can interact with the latest content in the market and be able to be authenticated. Once your content is within the Po.et network, issues of plagiarism become a thing of the past.

The po.et platform saves you time and resources, creation and issuance of licenses process is smooth since the entire process is automated giving you peace of mind to concentrate on pursuing your passions. You are in control of your loyalties and payments are transparent.

As a content developer, you are in control of value addition to your works. The system is secure since Po.et rides on the Bitcoin ecosystem.  You are assured of high data integrity through cryptic signatures. Your interactions with other industry stakeholders are traceable through the po.et ecosystem.

The release of the po.et plugin into the WordPress platform means the coin is global and gaining the true usability value. You do not have to move from the WordPress or Po.et platform to publish your online work elsewhere; it is a simple one stop shop. This explains the current steady growth of Po.et.

If you are looking for a stable coin and platform to invest Po.et has your answer. The price is cheap at the time of writing and this offers you an opportunity for growth. The coin is set to break the $1 resistance in the second quarter and by the end of 2018, it might be trading at $2.


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