Cardano (ADA)

A peek preview in to the digital money markets will reveal that the year has not been very friendly. Cardano (ADA) too has not been spared. The lows experience and sanctions thrown to the market has made investors to hold their horses. With giant coins failure to rise to the occasion, Altcoins seem to be the investor haven.

One of the mainstay reasons for Cardano on the market is its focus to solving real life issues in a real world. The coin has realized the failure of other digital coins ad is set to fill the gap and probably fit in to big coins shoes in the near future. With giant platform inabilities to give what the consumer wants has turned out to be the secret weapon for Cardano.

Cardano is seen as a threat to the big cryptos due to its security levels. Its ability to allow DApps and smart contracts keeps Ethereum worried. The coin used research based technology which sets it apart from other coins. Many investors are coming onboard the platform because it is purpose oriented.

Team behind Cardano (ADA)

The developer team is very passionate about Cardano (ADA) products. This positions the coin to have a clear edge over Ethereum, NEO and Ripple. The unique architecture of the platform comes with innovative layers that support s smart contracts with the future in mind.

With many errors reported on the Ethereum smart contract front, Cardano prides itself of have an advanced structure that is fool proof and adds user confidence. No user is willing to adopt a platform that is not 100% secured by smart contracts like Ethereum.

The Cardano CEO and founder, Charles Hoskinson affirms what the developers team is pursuing as far as the infrastructure is concerned:

“We are probably not going to lose a lot of Byzantine resistance. These epochs that we have come up with, there’s no reason they can’t be run in parallel…”

Cardano is taking a different approach towards its route to market and is targeting the African continent.  There are many gaps in the development gaps in Africa and that Cardano is trying to capitalize on. With the planned virtual property and land ownership registration product, Africa will benefit using the Cardano GPS tool to solve individual land ownership problems.

“We have started down this road, and now is the time to begin planning trial projects across countries in the African subcontinent. We aim to make Cardano the blockchain used to build land registries and much more.” – The director of African Operations at IOHK – John O’Connor

Cardano (ADA) is Fixing Current Issues to Prepare for the Future

Cardano (ADA) software upgrade to 1.1.0 means enhanced security. This is seen to have had a hand with the problems affecting Daedalus, its native wallet. The developers are not leaving anything to chance; they are looking at a functional network that stands out from the best top 10. Cardano ride on the token ADA that is stored in the homegrown Daedalus wallet.

Upgrading the wallet means that the system can now detect your machine is not in sync with the global time irrespective of your location. You will get an error notification in real time to six your clock. However, a difference of few seconds is allowed.  If the difference is more than 30 seconds, your system will display a “connecting” massage and will not validate you until you fix the time.

Cardano (ADA) Recovery

Cardano is still in the red for three days running with big prospects of surging to grater height before the end of the month of April. However, with the current market outlook, it is hard to predict the gains in the coming weeks. At the time of writing, ADA was trading at $0.143076. This could be a huge drop compared with its high of $2.28 in4th January.

With the new developments and top cryptocurrencies fluttering in their systems, Cardano (ADA) has a chance to moon to hit the $2 mark by end of Q2. It is already sending signals to overtake Ethereum and Ripple holding all market forces constant and now is the right time to adopt the coin.


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