IOStoken (IOST)

The IOStoken (IOST) has been trading for the last three months and things seem to be working out pretty well.  It has climbed to the top 50 by market capitalization and seems like the market slump will not stop it from becoming in the league of the top 10 in a matter of months.

IOStoken is a diversion from the other blockchains; it is a simple marketplace where you can showcase your online wares to the world. Whatever business you are in, the platform has a practical solution to your needs. This made the coin trend 9 days after being listed on Binance.

Will the IOStoken (IOST) Momentum Last?

The project is set to offer more to the blockchain than other coins. This is way it is attracting investors from the entire digital market landscape. This is a true online marketplace link between buyers and sellers. It offers an enabling environment to monetize your goods and services whilst eliminating the middleman.

Currently, the coin is running on the Ethereum ecosystem utilizing the ERC20 token but set to go it alone in the near future. the moment the platform gets it native coin, the latest market momentum will be maintained.  To grow its presence, the network is working on scalability as priority number one and efficiency as the second.

IOStoken (IOST) Market Entry Performance

The IOStoken (IOST) seems stuck on the green for a better part of the last 7 days and has maintained marginal gains for the last three days. At the time of going to press, the coin was trading at $0.034676 after gaining 15.04% against the USD. It has also managed to gain 13.57% and 12.90% to BTC and ETH respectively.

The coin is ranked 45 by market cap which stands at $290,660,160 with a circulating supply of 8,400,000,000 IOST.  A total volume of $135,487,000 has changed hands in the last 24 hours and with Binance and Huobi exchanges pushing 48.31% and 34.03% respectively.

Technology behind IOStoken (IOST)

IOStoken is based on “Proof of Believability” which is more energy efficient compared to Proof-of Stake and Proof of Work which reduce blockchain scalability and restricts them from offering multi-services. This is one of the very few platforms that are not smart contract driven; it instead runs on ERC20 protocol from Ethereum.

IOStoken is using the Hyper Universe Distributed System (HUDS) that allows different services to be hosted seamlessly.  As a user, you can keep your data and information across relevant nodes. The network has the capacity to host the likes of Amazon, eBay and Alibaba alongside small online entities seeking to monetize their products and services.

Why are Investors Rushing for IOStoken (IOST)?

One this is that no much publicity was done around the coin, there was no pre-sale hype or public sale. The coin only allowed institutional investors. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts came to learn of IOStoken (IOST) when it got listed on Binance and the price skyrocketed to send ripples across the cryptocurrency markets.

The coin is focused on future stability and sustainability. Many users expected the coin will take its ownership powers from the institutions of repute to the ordinary users but they are wrong. No one is sure if the ordinary investors will come onboard at a later date but this is a coin that is set to move the markets by the end of year.

With the anticipated launch of DApp, IOStoken (IOST) will be able to compete with other coins as well. the speedy growth and price stability is an indication that the coin is ready to become a major force in the market but investors need to be careful; this is a volatile coin like any other in the market and growth is never guaranteed overnight.


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