Zcash (ZEC)

With the heated demand for a coin that provides total privacy, Zcash (ZEC) is in the forefront to provide a platform that fits the bill. With coins Dash (DASH) and Monero (XMR)in the market, users are hoping Zcash will provide unsurpassed privacy on their blockchain. Coming up with a superior cryptographic function will entice users who think Monero and Dash have not been able to deliver.

To make sure the platform has a competitive edge over the others, Zcash system promises optimal zero traceability, privacy and anonymity. With many privacy coins being the dark web haven, Zcash tries to demystify the market and ensure the consumers feels secure.

Zcash (ZEC) Market Approach

As an open source platform, selective privacy and anonymity is what drives a coin of the future. Furthermore, Zcash is set beat Bitcoins’ privacy by filling the existing gap. As a mass scale money processor, it is important to accommodate all users by with the right privacy levels.

Zcash has taken a different approach to the market to offer something better than other privacy coins. Their function solution is what the modern user is looking for; a choice between privacy and publicity. Their technology has already proven ideal for modern day transactions across the borders.

Money matters require a lot of confidentiality. You do not have to expose your worth to strangers at a time when cyber-security is a big threat. Without privacy and anonymity, you are exposed to being traced and your account hacked or forced to transfer your funds against your will.

While Monero offers total privacy to all to its users, it gives itself some limitations to businesses and individuals who do not subscribe to total privacy. The taxation agents are also on its heels and Zcash could become the haven of users who are ready to be taxed.

How about Zcash (ZEC) Transparency?

Zcash (ZEC) open ledger is encrypted to add an extra privacy layer compared to the open ledger running on Bitcoin platform. What the Zcash can mask the transaction initiator, the recipient and the amount in transit. Zcash deals are transparent as much as they are anonymous.

The good part of Zcash privacy is that you can make sensitive purchases like special medication or legal advice without letting others what you are buying. The coin has all the transparency attributes but remains anonymous. This is a platform for transactions that are secret on sensitive trades.

Zcash (ZEC) Dark Web Deals

Anyone can use Zcash (ZEC) since there is no way to vet the type of trades on the platform. With a system that provides anti-money laundering and tax compliance features, it is important to note that vetting the end product through the platform can be seen as vogue compliance. Sending money to another user might not indicate the product or services you are paying for.

There are always bad elements will still use abuse the system but the goal of Zcash is to come up with a platform that the bad guys eliminate. The system runs in two faces; transparency and shielded addresses. This is what has endeared the system to many and the value of the coin remaining stable in the market.

Zcash (ZEC) Market Performance

The Zcash (ZEC) has not been spared by the current market onslaught; it has shed most of last year’s gains but seems to be stabilizing if the last 7 day performance is anything to go by. The coin is trading at $176.52 after going down 5.44% to the dollar. Compared to other privacy Altcoins, it is clear that Zcash is the better in terms of market performance. The price might be slightly higher but the coin’s future is bright and putting your stakes on the network is the best thing to do.


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