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Most crypto investors have been on the look-out for 2018 roadmaps from the crypto community; this was after the market gained a lot of popularity during the bull-run towards the end of 2017. As per now the market has been bearish but few altcoins like ReddCoin (RDD) have managed to gain over 29% in its price within the last 24 hours. ReddCoin came out strongly with a strategic roadmap after taking a couple of hits in 2017, the digital currency introduced a proof of stake velocity and is set to launch a newer version in 2018.

The new protocol will favor the adoptability of ReddCoin as miners will feel more secure; with the new mining consensus in ReddCoin users will not be at a position to use asic boost mining to mine more coins but instead their ownership in the RDD platform will determine block rewards.

Besides the POSV protocol ReddCoin has made a couple of significant milestones in 2018, these include developments in the fin-tech arena as well as strategic partnerships;


The purpose of cryptocurrency was to make transfer of payments easier and faster by avoiding regulation. ReddCoin (RDD) recently launched ReddCard which is set to scale the cryptocurrency in future although skeptical are still critical on whether the crypto market will survive.

The Reddcoin card will make transfer of RDD much easier through a QR address; the QR will indicate a user’s wallet address. This deposit card will then be used to send RDD via mobile wallets upon scanning of the QR code linked to the address. This card will be accessible to the first 200 pre-orders from any part of the world with an exception of regions where the card will be difficult to send.

Using the ReddCard will be pretty basic which means people from all classes will appreciate this cryptocurrency as it gains popularity; one will need to install the Coinomi mobile Wallet then transfer their RDD coins to here. They will then be required to scan the QR code and as simple as that one can transfer RDD to another wallet address and easily convert to fiat.

Rymos Website

ReddCoin (RDD) is among the fastest crypto networks in the current market and has continued to see improvements and contributions from the RDD community. Recently RDD users received good news that it is now possible to transfer their RDD coins via a website called Rymos. This is a rare development in the crypto arena given the relatively low commission that RDD network charges, the non-profit website app prides in providing a transfer solutions at an friendly charge of 2RDD. ReddCoin is hopeful that this strategy will lure more users to their platform which currently has circulating supply of over 28 billion RDD coins. This is a blue ocean if the team follows up on their milestone diligently given that one RDD is currently going for $0.0054, the coin profit margins can be lucrative for both large and small investors in future. The crypto community who would love to try this website should be cautious and avoid placing all their eggs in one basket; the uncertainty caused by hacking is probable.


Payments between cryptocurrency and fiat will now be very easy for ReddCoin users, the ReddPay.Me recently launched by  ReddCoin (RDD) is meant to make processing of payments much easier. One user is able to transfer funds without registration to another RDD user at a mere charge of 2%. The Website is well organized with steps on how to transfer fiat money by simple clicks to the final stage where one directs the RDD to the desired address. Human beings like simplicity and it is probable that this feature will push the RDD market cap to over $ 200 million within the next six months as the crypto market recovers from the recent bear.


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