The cryptocurrency market has been on a bearish trend recently, Radium (RADS) is one of the altcoins whose value has suffered significantly in the past three months. The coin which is currently trading at a mere $5 had hit a high of $16 in January with its market cap at over $57 billion. The market cap has since reduced by over 100% which has left the coin at a 30day volatility of 105%; this is not new in the crypto arena but the Radium cryptocurrency has been among the major losers in 2018. The altcoin has dropped over 50 positions in market capitalization since January to position 334 as of press date. However, this is not to say that Radium is not prospectus given the fundamental value of its blockchain technology, the coin has had an average monthly ROI of 35%. This is quite a good investment for investors who joined in early and those eyeing to buy this investment now as some crypto enthusiasts believe that the coin is currently undervalued.

Radium may be on a bearish trend as is the crypto market but it remains to be one of the probable cash cows in crypto as time goes by. This is because the team focused on a competitive edge that is important in the modern technology age; Identification. The Radium network uses a proof of stake protocol consensus which is the case for a couple of cryptocurrencies currently in existent, the network has hundreds of nodes to enable communication/approval of transactions amongst users worldwide. On top of this protocol the developers have enhanced the network by an additional data layer; this is meant to improve the integrity of verifications. It is this technology that is expected to entice more users to the platform as crypto gains more popularity, the in-built additional functionality is the SmartChain Core.

SmartChain Core

This technology is not common in other blockchain technologies despite the insistence from the SEC to implement better KYC practices within the crypto arena. SmartChain core is a unique feature that is built to improve transparency and improve user confidence when they are interacting with other users in the RADS network. This additional layer on the blockchain platform is built to improve the verification process as well as help manage the digital identities with best practices since all users in the crypto market are vulnerable to various forms of attacks. The additional data layer also improves the functionality of RADS rate of transactions as well as the efficiency in approval of transactions. This would be a safe haven for risk averse cryptopreneurs given that over 40% of the crypto markets have their faith in Satoshi’s proof of work which is still a work in progress when it comes to block size and tps.

One would tend to overlook the importance of identity management until they are scammed by a user whom cannot be traced due to shoddy identification details. It is in the interest of most corporates or individual investors to be able to feel secure; Radium (RADS) records all the identification data cryptographically via the SmartChain core technology. In addition the protocol also enhances security of documents or files shared within the network; this is through a securitization feature within the SmartChain core that prevents any modification without permission. I would say that Radium is futuristic given the current pressure from institutions and governments to enhance privacy and security for user protection within blockchain networks.


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