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Yesterday the founder of Substratum (SUB), Justin Tabb gave a live interview on what the SUB community should expect in 2018. Of course this has had an effect on this top 100 altcoins in market cap within the last 24 hours making its price gain a solid 19%. Investors’ in the crypto arena have gotten their hopes high after the live interview and users in some sub forums have already speculated the coin as a good HODL.

While this might not be the case we cannot overlook this coin which is beating the bearish odds in the current crypto markets, the coin has so far had a monthly ROI than most forms of asset in the history of Finance with an impressive 91%. However, it would be unwise for any investor to jump into conclusions without looking at the fundamental value the coin has and its probability of survival given its 49% volatility within the last month.

The Substratum network as described by Justin Tabb is meant to solve most of the current issues facing the internet. It was inevitable for blockchain technology to finally change a few things about the current internet operations; the Substratum network is quite simple and futuristic given the current rate of blockchain adoptability. I will take you through a few factors that so far distinguish this network and in my opinion they are likely to set the bullish trend once its cryptography is fully an open source;

  • Ease of serving decentralized content

Most people who are looking to jump into crypto are currently holding back because they might have challenges with the technicalities. Substratum (SUB) is good news for such new users; with this network it is easy to install services that enable the serving of decentralized content. This is not limited to any specific operating system hence convenient to Mac, Linux and definitely Windows.

  • Incentives to serve content

The features of this project get better when one thinks of the modern day internet; users who serve content will be rewarded with SUBs. This can turn out to be pretty good for early birds as the coins is currently below the $1 mark but has shown strong signs of being a major gainer in 2018. The coins will be transferred to the machine that serves the content at minimal transaction charges. The team at SUB is hopeful that hosts will take advantage of this opportunity hence create both the demand and supply for this utility token.

  • Privacy

With recent developments on data privacy, people have become increasingly skeptical following allegations currently facing one of the biggest Silicon Valley layers, Facebook. The Substratum network uses Artificial Intelligence alongside complex algorithm computations for data encryption. This way as users interact with the Substratum nodes within their geography they are assured of data security.

  • Storage space

The main development objective within this area is to create a platform that can handle the everyday millions of sites that people all over the world regularly visit. Substratum network uses an advanced protocol that involves machine learning and complex computations to locate the best Network machine available. It is through this network that content is then served to the masses that interact on the internet everyday round the clock.  The Substratum cryptography and AI protocols are important in ensuring that the nodes are put to proper use in order to achieve efficiency.

  • Cost Efficiency

In the current internet world, a couple of monopolies have excelled from charging web services. The convenience of these services, however have sometimes collided with the costs they are required to pay. The Substratum (SUB) network is quite flexible as one will be only eligible to pay for requests they make as opposed to the current system where websites where charges accumulate even when the site is not in use. This will be the new internet if adoptability of cryptocurrencies increases in the next decade and price correction mechanisms has been established in the highly volatile crypto market.


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