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Earlier today, I came across some interesting notes about a Vechain (VEN) meetup that took place at Harvard. From the notes, you can tell that Vechain is a project that is on the move, one that could influence all spheres of our lives in the near future.

One of the things that was mentioned in the Harvard notes is that the team intends to have the public using Vechain every day without even noticing it. The time frame? In under 3 years!  That timeline is believable if Vechain’s current partnerships are anything to go by. Vechain is already working on a partnership with BMW, and according to the Harvard notes, this partnership will be announced pretty soon. Speculation is rife that this announcement could be made during the Beijing auto show. If this happens, then we are looking to a major price pump in just under 2 weeks.

The notes also postulates that Vechain (VEN) is working on collaborations with big luxury goods brands. Such partnerships would thrust Vechain into the luxury goods industry at a global scale, and play a role in increasing the intrinsic value of this coin, going into the long-run.  What’s more interesting from the Harvard meetup is the revelation that Vechain has more than 200 use cases in the pipeline. If they all come to fruition, Vechain will have achieved its goal of weaving itself in the fiber of society.  And that would be a jackpot for investors.
Other than that, Vechain has announced that they are working together with Xiamen Innov to develop a joint supply chain management application. This will widen the use case of Vechain given that Xiamen Innov has a wide range of partners from all across the world. For instance, it has partnerships with Coca Cola, Dell, Samsung, ZTE among other global multinationals. This should give you perspective on how big a reach, Vechain is looking at in the near future.

All these are interesting projects that will see the price of Vechain jump up in the near future, once they get implemented. But in the very short-term, it is the BMW deal that will excite the Vechain market.  That’s because it is coming at a time when the entire crypto market is reemerging after sustained drops for the last 3 months. As such, the enthusiasm is there, and announcement as big as a confirmed partnership with BMW could see investors pump money into this crypto in large numbers.

Beyond that, if all that was discussed in the Harvard meetup come to fruition, Vechain (VEN) could grow to become one of the most important cryptos in the world. It has what most other cryptos lack, and that’s a real world application of the technology. At its current price, Vechain is probably one of the most undervalued in the market, which will also play a role in driving up its price, as investors take advantage. In essence, if the BMW deal is announced during the Beijing auto show, Vechain could easily hit $10 and above within a few weeks.


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