Ad Token (ADT) took off a month ago as it saw its price rise by over 50% in two days to give investors a major hope for future gains. However, during the month of March, ADT saw its price fall by over 74% as the whole cryptocurrency market saw red. It has however been a turn of fortune for ADT in the start of April as Bitcoin saw its price rise by over 20% in an hour this Thursday to reach the $8,000 mark. This has affected the whole market positively as most of cryptocurrencies depend on the BTC pairing to trade.

The mediocre month of March

ADT has had a rather poor past month. The coin started the month at a high of $0.077 but saw the price drop by over 70% to close the month at a low of $0.02. The large drop in price has massively affected the coin’s ranking on Coinmarketcap as it dropped from position 199 to a current position of 285. Huge drop. The market capitalization dipped from $50,000,000 in the start of March to a mere $23,000,000 USD at the current rate. Such numbers show signs of failure more than success for the coin aiming to be the future of blockchain advertising.

The slow start to the year by AdToken was caused by a compilation of several factors in the external market. However, the coin seems to have a greenlight ahead with the following factors looking to play a big role in the coming months.

  1. Prices are expected in Q2.

It is well known that the first quarter of the year is always going to be a nightmare for any cryptocurrency investor, 2018 proved no different. Since 2015, the first quarter is the lowest quarter of the each of the years. ADT, a blockchain aiming to revolutionize the $500 billion advertising industry, faired rather poorly in this period. Quarter 2 however, is usually a positive month, with most coins expected to see green.

  1. AdToken will survive to full growth

In the last three years, 70% of new crypto coins that have survived falling off the market have gone on to flourish. This will be the case with AdToken as the coin presents a solution to the overly expensive and fraudulent advertisement industry. One of the major problems that is increasingly affecting digital advertising is bot traffic which the adChain aims to solve. The chain is currently functional and is attracting several dApps and advertisers to the site.

  1. Bitcoin resurgence

Earlier this week Bitcoin boosted past the $8000 mark in just over an hour from $6700 bringing the cryptocurrency world back to life. After a two month bear run, the volumes traded by ADT investors increased from one million dollars to 10 million dollars a significant achievement for a coin ranked 285th. The ADT/BTC pair contributes to over 98% of the total trades of AdToken. With experts looking at a possibility of Bitcoin hitting $10,000 before end of year, ADT may well be on the course for revival.


AdToken still has vast potential to grow especially in the coming months with the MetaX team having come on board to develop the digital advertising blockchain. However, the token’s development team should look towards more advertising and market themselves around the world as NEO did with their globalization program.


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