The NEO (NEO) community is expectant of good news in the remaining quarters of 2018. One of the leading coin exchanges, Upbit will be soon distributing GAS tokens to users in possession of the NEO altcoins. This South Korean leading exchange has been a significant layer within the crypto arena given that they own the largest chat app in the country. Investors’ are hopeful that NEO will regain its glory after sliding to position 9 in market cap following a bearish market.  The distribution of GAS tokens in Upbit is scheduled for May and will be happening weekly on Friday’s between 21:00 – 22:00 (GMT +9). In case you are wondering how the GAS tokens will be distributed, here is the formula;

GAS received by user = Total GAS claimed by exchange x (NEO held by user / Total NEO held by exchange)

It would be ignorant to dismiss NEO as a potential HODL for the next 5 years; this is particularly because of its cemented presence in one of the largest crypto region, Asia. NEO has been working on a couple of development projects and recently released the NeoCompiler Eco v1.0 which is expected to change how users interact with the NEO platform.

NeoCompiler Eco v1.0

This project began in 2017 with the aim of creating diversity and flexibility in the NEO (NEO) smart contract developments. The protocol used in the NeoCompiler Eco v1.0 allows for developers within different groups and different coding languages able to access and contribute to the network. An integration hub that is created enables this environment where interested developers can use python and C# for participation in the smart contracts deployed.

Additionally this compiler will be used to check for the efficiency of existing compilers within the NEO network. This will be through an in depth analysis to determine the pros and cons of diversifying the coding languages to be used in NEO.

Prospects of coins launched on NEO platform

One of the reasons the NEO network has gained much popularity is its open source protocol that has allowed launching a few coin projects on this platform. Four days ago, Asura coin which was launched on the NEO network spread word that there will be an airdrop for its community in May 2018.  This project is expected to set momentum for NEOs value given that it focuses on sport betting, a popular concept in the 21st century. The flexibility of the code integrated to the NEO network will allow Asura users to vote for tournaments they prefer to be accommodated on the network. So far so good the project has been through a successful Q1 in 2018 and is set to accomplish major milestones in the remaining three quarters.

Another cryptocurrency that is set to benefit the NEO project is NEX. This altcoin recently updated its roadmap and being linked to NEO (NEO) has caused excitement for some NEO holders as speculation continues to be a major price driver. NEX has been quite successful in 2018 and is setting the bar higher with meeting KYC requirements following its anticipated token sale on April 28th. Bankers looking into the blockchain technology will be pleased to check out this crypto that aims to improve interaction via a common template code.

NEOs current market analysis

NEO (NEO) which has been in existence for the past 19 months is currently trading at $63.40 with a market capitalization of $4,121,026,000. This popular cryptocurrency is traded in over 10 coin exchanges with Binance trading the largest volume of NEO coins so far. The coin’s price has gained merely 1% in the last 24 hours although this could turn into a double figure anytime given its 49% volatility between March and April 2018. Most people would have argued that securities had the highest returns until the arrival of cryptocurrencies; NEO has an average monthly ROI of 135% although it has suffered the wrath belonging to the most volatile class of assets/currencies in the 21st century.


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