Emercoin (EMC) is one of those coins that has been around for some time now. Unfortunately, it seems to have lost steam along the way. At first, there was a lot of excitement around it, given that most people saw it as a bitcoin clown, but with a twitch to it. That’s because Emercoin, has always presented itself as a better version of bitcoin, one that allows programming novices to create decentralized applications. But if trading volumes are anything to go by, Emercoin has clearly lost market excitement.

The question then arises, will Emercoin ever regain the market excitement that it had when it first came out? The answer is yes! However, that will most likely happen in 2019.  The reason why 2019 could be the year when Emercoin moons is because of their roadmap.  Every plan in this coin’s 2019 roadmap is exciting, and could see investors flocking back. Let’s go through this roadmap then you will understand why.

One of the key goals for Emercoin (EMC) in 2019 is to improve on, and increase awareness about existing products. Marketing is one of the factors that play a role in pushing up the value of a coin. The more hyped a coin is, the more investors take an interest in it.  You just need to look at Tron to understand the power of publicity.

Tron seems to have got publicity right, and its volumes and price have increased over time, making it one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies at the moment. If Emercoin were to follow through with its roadmap and aggressively publicize its key features, it would see a major boost not just in value, but also in trading volumes.

Another interesting aspect to this crypto’s 2019 roadmap is the planned integration with Bitfury’s Exonum protocol. The idea behind Exonum is to allow businesses and individuals build decentralized applications in a reliable environment. Once this is achieved, Emercoin will be thrust into the same league as some of the better known smart contracts protocols in the market at the moment. In fact it will even be better than most of them with including Ethereum. That’s because it already has the advantage of bitcoin’s security and reliability. Remember security is one of the issues facing Ethereum and many other smart contract platforms at the moment.  This could see Emercoin make some major gains once the integration happens, and people get to know about it.

Emercoin also intends to integrate with the lightning network in 2019. This will be a major boost for Emercoin when combined with its other features such as the ease of launching decentralized applications.

Clearly, the year 2019 has everything going for Emercoin (EMC). A savvy investor would be taking advantage of the quiet in this market to make investments. That’s because by investing now, when many people are not interested in this coin, you will reap big when volumes start flowing in. Think of it like investing in bitcoin when no one even knew what it was all about.


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