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With the recent growth in the crypto arena in the last decade, many cryptocurrencies have since been developed. Some of the altcoins have borrowed Bitcoin’s infrastructure while some have opted for the ERC20 standard in development of their utility tokens. Dash (DASH) falls in the category that copied Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin protocol but has made a few adjustments to improve the fundamental value. The DASH crypto aims at scaling payments within the Fin-tech arena as the world becomes more globalized.

One would then wonder what it is dash mostly focuses on that has been a challenge for the famous BTC; DASH features immediate confirmation of transactions & protects users from risks associated with double spending. In addition this cryptocurrency has been keen on anonymity bringing the level within its network almost similar to that of fiat currencies. The team is focused on its roadmap which stipulates that in future on-chain scaling within this platform will hit 400MB blocks based on customized open source hardware.

Why Dash (DASH) over BTC?               

Dash is the pioneer privacy centered cryptography that emulates the famous Satoshi’s work on Bitcoin. As a result a few propositions were made in its white paper during the early stages to improve the nature of Bitcoin’s effectiveness. However, the cryptocurrency has maintained the decentralized aspect of digital currencies while adding features to improve anonymity and avoid tampering of data in the platform;

  • Dash Masternode Network

The DASH protocol has an additional secondary network; this is important in making nodes available & meeting the high service standards expected from cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin nodes have been slowly decreasing due to reduced amounts of traffic making it slower for transactions to be approved while increasing the block propagation. This can result to a log term loss of the market cap held by Bitcoin and it is probable that users who are for Satoshi’s protocol will jump ship and join DASH which has a good prospectus in scalability terms.

  • Rewards on the Masternodes

Crypto miners and enthusiasts have been looking to make gains from their contributions in mining coins as well as participating in the blockchain platforms for the various ICO projects. DASH has a reward program that is well in line with this philosophy, Unlike BTC the team developing DASH opted for masternodes. This is because full nodes have become relatively expensive to run while the masternodes can operate even better than the full nodes. In the DASH platform masternodes come with additional codes that require one to actively participate in the network, this a good form of collateral given high network activity increases a coin’s stability.

  • Trustable Quorum

It would be close to impossible to take advantage of using masternodes to one’s advantage to control DASH network. This is majorly because of the limited number of active masternodes which are merely 2500; one would require only 1000 DASH as collateral to enjoy the active masternode privilege. However, in order to control the network one would need 2,300,000 DASH from the coin exchanges; this would raise an alarm on the price change since this amount of demand will push the price up.

  • Proof of Service

The masternodes embedded in the DASH protocol serve to ensure that the nodes are active and in line with the block height for transactions to be approved. This is quite safe given that prior to this DASH initially implemented a Proof of Concept that allows privacy and instant sending of DASH within the network.

DASH Price & Market Overview

DASH crypto which has once surpassed the $1500 mark is currently trading at $365.08 but continues to ride on the glory of its status as a privacy coin. The coin which has existed for over 4 years now is currently 13th with a market cap of $2,926,424,419 USD. However, the digital currency remains a volatile asset as is the norm with the crypto markets with 39% volatility in the past month. DASH has been a good investment for the early birds with some HODLers talking cumulative returns of over 100000% since the ICO was launched.


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