With most cryptocurrencies still in the dark, it is light for IOTA (MIOTA). The long awaited launch of their native Trinity wallet could give the coin the much anticipated boost. For the last five days, the coin has been gaining ground perhaps for the better for the long haul. There are several things that have happened around IOTA that are keeping investors excited.

The coin is solidifying its investment potential; bringing on board Dr. Rolf Werner from Fujitsu seems to strengthen its marketing arm and also Alexy Sobolev from Mobbizcorp, a software engineer are some of the pointers that the platform is focusing on infrastructure development and a clear cut route to market.

However, the most anticipated feature is the launch of the Trinity wallet which is already undergoing tests. This is desktop wallet will enable the multiple industry partners have other wallet options apart from the mobile version. Alex, for now will be in charge of optimizing the software function on the platform and product development.


With these new developments and new team members joining the IOTA (MIOTA) foundation, the spike in MIOTA price might not be short term. Things are looking up for the price since the Aril 7th spike. Just last week, the coin was trading at $0.93 and has been able to gain marginally to the current price of $1.57.

The new trend will see the coin trade above the $1 as more bulls are already staking on the coin. a gain of over 40% in the last seven days amid the turbulent market is a clear indication that the coin future is already cut out technically.

According to IOTA developer Navin Ramachandran,

“When this audit is complete we can move to a public beta test where everyone can try out the mobile wallet via the official app stores, without any special invitation. At this time, we will also release the full audit report and the complete source code for public review.”

A change in the declining trends after the changes initiated by the IOTA foundation could mean a price of $2 by the end of Q2. However, the bullish moment might not be all smooth after the launch of the Trinity wallet that will be a plus for the Tangle technology.

The Immediate IOTA (MIOTA) Plans

With a team of experts behind the blockchain and the introduction of the Trinity wallet, the platform seeks to unlock its full potential. The wallet is currently going through security auditing before being released live to the community for feedback.

Navin has already stated that the project has been slowed down by lack of a standard coding guide hence untimely updates to the community have been lacking. Once the tests are done and the App is up and running, a timeline will be able to be established.

In the next 6-7 weeks, the fate of the Trinity release will be known but there are hopes that it might come earlier than anticipated. Users are ready for a user friendly product that will offer them advanced security, better features and increased capabilities.

Once the mobile and desktop wallets are operational, the impact investor confidence will mean a further surge in the IOTA (MIOTA) price. Many enthusiasts have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the release of the wallet.

This will give the investor a reason to smile after a violent selling period since mid- January. The Trinity wallet is set to deliver more than the traditional digital money wallets in the market today; it is more than just the IOTA “snapshot” functions, it will capture all transactions which is function missing from standards wallet.


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