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UTrust (UTK) – A valuation of $3 and above possible in 2018!

UTrust (UTK) is probably one of the highest potential coins to invest in at the moment, for exceptional returns this year.   It has some of the strongest fundamentals in the market when contrasted with its current market price of under $0.20.  Just to give you perspective on the massive potential that UTrust has, let’s look at some of its fundamentals.

One of the challenges that cryptos have is that of merchant adoption. Few merchants are willing to adopt crypto into everyday business, and for good reason.  Assuming you want to buy some goods from a company online using crypto, how will the merchant trust you enough to ship goods, before they verify that you have sent the money?  Conversely, how can you trust a seller online and send them crypto, when you are not sure that they will send you the goods? As you can see, there is a clear issue of trust, when it comes to the merchant usage of cryptos.

UTrust (UTK) solves this problem by becoming a third party in crypto transactions. UTrust simply acts as a mediator on behalf of both the merchant and the buyer, giving transacting parties a chance to transact with ease.  By acting as a bridge for the merchant usage of cryptos, you can expect the value of this coin to grow over time.  There is a real demand for this service, if you consider the excitement the now still-born Litepay received some months ago.

Another interesting feature that makes UTrust a fundamentally strong coin is the ability to instantly convert crypto into fiat. Let’s face it, one of the biggest reasons why companies are hesitant to accept crypto payments is the market volatility. No one wants to accept a payment that can lose over 20% in a day. It’s just not tenable. This explains why early crypto payment adopters such as Steam, later dropped this option.

UTrust solves this problem, and makes crypto as stable as any other form of payment. That’s because any payments made through UTrust can instantly be converted into fiat, hence eliminating the volatility that is characteristic of the crypto market.  This is likely to drive more people into UTrust given that crypto payments have an advantage of lower fees, and faster transaction speeds, when compared to traditional payment methods.

UTrust also has an interesting coin burn feature that is guaranteed to see the value of this coin grow in the long-run.  The platform has a system whereby, for every transaction made through the platform, a small portion of it is eliminated. This means that as the volumes of transactions increases, the number of UTrust tokens in the market will decrease. This decrease coupled with a growing demand for UTrust merchant services will see its value grow in the long-run.

With such interesting features, it’s not hard to see why UTrust (UTK), a relatively new coin, will be one of the best performers in 2018! Those buying in now, are sure of exceptional returns.



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