With the cryptocurrency showing some signs of recovery, EOS (EOS) has surprised many by taking the early lead in the recovery route. A lot is also being anticipated from other major coins and upcoming Altcoins. However, EOS seems to be doing many right things at the right time.

After EOS (EOS) got listed on the Indian exchange, Zebpay, crypto lovers are keenly watching its performance given that it has been gaining traction in the last seven days. This is the largest exchange in India boasting of more than 3million users. EOS holders in the Indian sub-continent can now send and receive the coin.

EOS developer team release of EOSIO 3.0 version on GitHub must be playing a big role in its price spike. This has given the investor one more reason to smile since it will address the issues of scalability and a future devoid of the common hard-forks that have affected many cryptocurrencies.

EOS (EOS) Price Preview

With a fee of 0.1% across all the cryptocurrencies, a lot is expected on how much Zebpay will be able to deliver in terms of volumes. These will translate to increased adoption from the local enthusiasts. In the last 24 hours the exchange seems to be doing well on the EOS/INR pair volume by pushing a total of worth $1,198,310.

EOS (EOS)was trading below the $5 mark in mid-March and has been rising steadily ever since. Despite the current market inconsistency, the coin trading at $8.51 with a 24-hour gain of 5.64% against the dollar. Many experts confirm that this id the breakout the coin has been yearning for and the community is happy.

However, it is still early to celebrate since it might take a while for the coin to get back to the glory days of January where it hit an all-time high of $16. With a market cap of $6,806,334,381 representing a growth of 36% in a single week might mean better market prospects, and hitting a threshold of $15 by end of July a possibility.

EOS (EOS) Short Term Prospects

Taking a look at the volumes coming through Zebpay, there is a lot of investor confidence and the immediate goals are being met. The new found bull-run is a show of the coins’ current stability in the market given that it was exchanging at a low of $0.85 last year November.

There is fear among some users and critics are arguing the current transaction fee is too low if the coin is ever going to become valuable. However, the team behind the coin is focusing on mass adoption first before re-looking at the cost per transaction in the future.

With many cryptocurrencies focusing on infrastructure development, EOS is way ahead by driving the development agenda and seeking more adopters to join the platform. Many market players are now looking at real life use cases that they can handle and June-July might turn out to be the might showdown in the digital money markets.

The EOS (EOS) Community Matrix

In terms of adoption, the EOS community is growing at a fast pace compared to major coin and the support is a clear indication of where the coin wants to be by the end of Q2. With the support of the community, the future seems better. The developer team also seems to deliver on schedule while the marketing arm is reaching out to virgin markets.

With the current upgrades and extended market reach,EOS (EOS) seems to be headed to the moon and it is the right time to stake on it; it is gaining global acceptance, the treading price is friendly and the transaction fee is at its lowest. All these three factors may not remain constant.


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