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The growth of cryptocurrencies and Altcoins has brought amazing products and services to the digital market. WAX (WAX) is one of these amazing Altcoins that enables users to create a marketplace with zero investment. To make it better, you do not need any securities, payment processor or infrastructure.

The partnership with OPSkins, WAX  gives you a once time opportunity to create your custom marketplace with nil investment OPSkins is a global market leader in online gaming assets.  The WAX coin will be used a trade these gaming assets alongside major digital coins like BTC, ETH and the USD.

Where in the world can you invest from scratch? Well, WAX is the only one of a kind platform giving you all tools needed to create and operate a virtual marketplace.  All you need is a basic idea of your niche and the rest is done in a seamless environment. Simply put, WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange.

To strengthen its presence in the market and grow the WAX coin value, WAX has also collaborated with Etherlambos a collectable digital luxury high end cars that you can collect and trade. This system rides on the Ethereum ecosystem and gives you a chance to buy or create your own digital cars.

What does WAX (WAX), OPSkins and Etherlambos partnership mean?

This could be the most exciting moment for the WAX holders and the community at large. The WAX token is set to become a utility coin and a plus to the entire blockchain gaming sector. The growth of the WAX platform is poised to grow after integration of the Etherlambos to the OPSkins ecosystem and adding WAX as a payment token.

OPSkins is the fastest growing platform for digital collectables and will drive the WAX adoption agenda to the next level. with the addition of Etherlambos, WAX token usability continue to thrive which is one ensuring the coin gains value and gets the global appeal faster than anticipated.

Already, Cryptokitties is onboard the OPSkins ecosystem and this has enabled the OPSkins platform process 2million transactions every week through their millions of participants worldwide. The platform boasts of over 2000,000 new members every week which is a major boost for WAX.

WAX (WAX) Price in the Market

The WAX coin price has been on the downtrend for better part of the years but it is now showing same recovery signs. With the boost from these two major players in the gaming industry, the investor should be looking at their return on investment by close of Q4. The marginal price surge seems to have gotten the boost it needed from OPSkins and Etherlambos.

The coin has gained 12.64% to the dollar at the time to trade at $0.306649 which is still low compared to this year’s high of $2.40 in January. The steady growth might not yield much gain the second quarter but the third and fourth will see the coin growth clearly cut according to experts.

With the increasing popularity of online gaming and collectable assets, the coin might surprise many critics going forward. The two partners will push adoption to the next level despite from established coins like BTC and ETH. For now, it is set to double its value.

WAX (WAX) Investor Confidence

The WAX (WAX) price movement north is a clear indication of the continued investor support and confidence. The market is responsive and many investors are coming onboard to take advantage of the available tools on the blockchain ecosystem, with no investment, the value proposition seems irresistible.

With the developer am focused on implementing the entire Wax project on time, there is a lot of potential. With more partners of repute, the WAX (WAX) price is ready to set new heights even before the close of the year. However, you need to use due diligence to invest in any cryptocurrency WAX included.


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