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After weeks of investor frustrations,NANO (NANO) seems to be back on its feet with a major announcement. This comes at a time when all eyes are set on the recent BitGrail $150 million hack. As much as hacks are not something new in the crypto-sphere., the mystery surrounding the hack is center of focus.

With fingers still being pointed to the blockchain mishap, the truth is yet to be unearthed. However, many experts suspect it was either a lapse from the BitGrail security or a problem with the NANO system. As we wait to know exactly what transpired, NANO seems not to be distracted.

NANO (NANO) Upgrade Announcement

Whether NANO (NANO) is saving its face or not, the Milestone 12 update might be able to seal all the loopholes on the network. Apart from the past upgrades, the Milestone 12 will tackle the code problems. The upgrade will offer better utility and improve the way nodes communicate in various instances and this might stamp out any hack attempts in the future.

Insecurity in NANO hot wallet is said to be the main issues give the differences is timestamps leading to the BitGrail hack. The upgrade is seen to instill confidence to existing investors and woo new adopters to the platform and help it to scale higher heights.

The Milestone 12 has enabled NANO improve its codes with increased efficiency. It will change how nodes communicate and increase transparency between the internal systems. The upgrade 12 is equipped with the latest installer; Windows 64-bit and an updated Personal Computer wallet that is Linux built. This increased transparency and secures the wallet.

NANO (NANO) and the Markets

After the April 8 BitGrail hack, there were fears less confidence on the platform might erode all past gains but things are not bad as they seemed. Well, the price dropped to an all-time low of about $4.15 but has gained traction albeit subtly and the coin seems to be on its way to recover.

The coin continues to gain against major cryptocurrencies and the US dollar and the Milestone 12 announcement might be the catalysts the sleeping giant has been waiting for. This should put the class action lawsuit for now.

NANO is back on the green trading at $6.66 in the last 24-hours and has gained 3.35% and 1.93% against the USD and BTC respectively. Predictions indicate that the coin is set to breakout and hit the $10 margins by end of July. With more announcements and upgrades, the coin will get back to its glory days sooner than anticipated.

NANO (NANO) Future

The previously gloomy looking NANO (NANO) seems to be getting back to its days but a lot still needs to be done to clear its names from the critics’’ mouths by addressing the blockchain problems and facing its faults instead of blaming its partners.

With a new transparent face, the NANO ecosystem is a darling of many who are still sitting on the fence waiting for the right time to stake on the coin. Developer prudence and transparency improvement are vital in driving the network agenda. Once this is achieved, prospective adopters will jump in and the long-term investor will stake more and make the coin value skyrocket.

Looking at the NANO price in the market, you can tell how the coin is stable. A growth of more than 20% after the BitGrail sage is not a mean feat. With the current efforts from the Foundation, the developer team and the entire community, NANO is still one of the best coins to invest in.

How soon the hack mystery is resolved will put the saga behind focus on the next level of infrastructure development and partnerships. NANO (NANO) has always been viewed as the Bitcoin and Fiat alternative; a near zero fee transaction in real time.


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