Propy (PRO)

Propy (PRO) has been quite bullish and recently hit the high of $2.41, this is quite impressive given that the altcoin was at below $1.3 24 hours ago. A couple of actors are attributed to this price movement and significant gain in value of this San Francisco based tech start up; its blockchain architecture is focused on the real estate market. Propy made news when it successfully managed to conduct a successful blockchain transaction involving sale of property; the agreement was executed with a county in Vermont. This has since raised curiosity on Propy’s blockchain and token utility especially in the USA making the coin’s trading volume increase to $57 million right now which translates to 0.0131% of the total crypto market.

Blockchain platforms have proven to be the future of data management and digital identities for storing records in future. This peer to peer infrastructure has attracted a lot of attention in the past decade and recently Propy finally tapped into the “stable” real estate market. The blockchain network developed by Propy aims at using the Ethereum smart contracts to incorporate all aspects that involve land registration into the network’s intelligence. Propy is targeting governments and the real estate industry to enhance property sale security and make purchase of land global just like trade has been for centuries.

This is Propy’s main objective according to its founder, Karayaneva;

“how to make sure that your title deed, your property rights, will be there forever.”

People have in the past suffered when their property records have been tampered with or exposed to vulnerability of natural disasters. It is expected that the immutability within Propy’s network will prevent anyone from tampering with original real estate records in the platform. This makes it necessary for Propy to work closely with governments in order to achieve its purpose according to Karayaneva.

It would not be news that Propy (PRO) is working with a powerful government in the near future, they have in the past worked in Ukraine. This deal involved the sale of a house belonging to the founder of TechCrunch, Michael Kiev within the Ethereum platform.

Bittrex & LiveCoin listing

Most ICOs are currently in the process of motivating their crypto communities to up vote them for listing on a couple of coin exchanges. Propy (PRO) was recently listed by LiveCoin although its volume traded on this exchange seems to be increasing conservatively. However, the altcoin which has been listed on Bittrex merely 24 hours ago is currently trading over $15million worth of PRO for BTC in this exchange. Propy’s value is set to be bullish if the tech start up is compliant with the SEC and frameworks that may involve mitigating financial risks associated with the real estate market.

The cryptocurrency is only half a year old yet has managed to secure a market cap rank of 221, this is out of the over 1500 cryptos in existence right now. Investors’ who have been skeptical on crypto might find PRO’s bullish movement in the past two weeks quite lucrative in addition to the highly probable fundamental value linked to Propy. The altcoin’s volatility falls in the general range of the highly volatile market although the coin has been at 17% for the past week. Propy (PRO) has so far kicked off on the right track and would probably be one of the undervalued coins if a market correction were to happen today!


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