Tron seems to be on a roll, with back-to-back positive news coming through every few weeks.  The latest news is about the upcoming airdrops for all Ethereum users. According to the Tron foundation, Ethereum holders who had more than one Ethereum as of January 1st 2018 will receive some free Tron (TRX) coins.

However, that’s not the fascinating part about this airdrop. What’s fascinating is the end that the airdrop intends to achieve. On top of thanking Ethereum, Tron is using this airdrop to lure in Ethereum users to the Tron platform. It’s easy to deduce this from the airdrops announcement, part of which, read as follows:

“Ethereum played a vital role in TRON’s early stage development, and we want to express our appreciation through this airdrop event. However, we have also discovered many issues and bottlenecks during our time on the Ethereum platform. When we see a problem — we will set out to solve it. That is why TRON wants to provide TRX to the Ethereum community, so people have a chance to experience our high TPS development platform and use TRX to vote, becoming part of our new generation decentralized network and the TRON democracy.”


From this statement, it is clear that Tron TRX intends to use the airdrop as a way to attract both investors and developers from the Ethereum platform.  This is a strategy that is guaranteed to work if you factor in the advantages that Tron holds over Ethereum.

For instance, Tron has a very TPS as compared to Ethereum. Given that transaction speeds are part of what gives value to a smart contracts blockchain, investors are likely to flock more towards Tron. This is an issue that Ethereum has struggled with for some time now, one that Tron has made clear to Ethereum developers that it has resolved.

In this statement, Tron TRX has also made it clear that Tron holders are allowed to vote on the future direction of this next generation blockchain. This is something that Ethereum has been unable to achieve, though it still has plans to transition to a prove-of-stake system in future. Given the advantages that are come with making decisions on the strategic direction of a crypto, this move is likely to drive investors away from Ethereum and towards Tron.

Besides, Ethereum is already under pressure from more advanced Dapps blockchains, including Tron and the likes of EOS and Cardano. Therefore, when Tron goes for such an aggressive move on Ethereum, investors are guaranteed to respond positively. That’s intensified by the fact that Tron is still priced at pennies on the dollar, which gives it a higher potential for growth as compared to Ethereum, especially when you factor in tech capabilities.

For Tron TRX holders, the future keeps getting better by the day. The main net launch, the upcoming super delegates vote, and now this airdrop are all good reasons to HODL. A valuation of $1 is definitely within the realms of possibility if this energy and momentum keeps growing. And it will! Justin Sun has his eyes set on revolutionizing the world with Tron.


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