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AdToken (ADT) –  Advertising is one of the key pillars of success to any enterprise or corporation that needs customers. The history of advertising has evolved recently with the increased technological progress. Not only are these corporations and businesses developing better modes of reaching their consumers but they are also able to reach a wider market at a lower cost. Online advertising is arguably the largest development in the industry since radio and TV advertising in the 50s and 60s. However the industry is failing through the years with reduced market reach by the day. According to Forbes, the online industry expects a $12 billion slash resulting from ad blocks and disinterest in viewing ads. Is AdToken is the solution to this $100 billion dollar industry problem?

The rise of blockchain in advertising

The recent advent of Internet 3.0, blockchain technology, is the next big step that the industry will be looking at. The $100 billion online ad industry is currently plagued by bot traffic, expensive costs to advertise, and wrong market targeting.

Advertisements are supposed to reach the buyer with a goal to attract new customers or reassure the already existing ones. However in the recent past, online advertising has continued to suffer at the hands of bot traffic and unbeneficial ads. This is set to change with the introduction of the ad Chain. The ad Chain is a development that was designed by the MetaX and ConsenSys teams in order to provide the users with a pure and efficient platform to place their ads.

The ad Chain protocol in advertising

The ad Chain platform is developed on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract technology. This ensures that the users can have a peer-to-peer transactions without the need of a third party advertising company. The platform records publisher’s domains on the ad Registry and places them for voting where holders of the ADT token can verify the fraudulent (bot traffic) and non-fraudulent (human traffic) websites. In this way, ads placed on the internet will serve the correct purpose by eliminating bot traffic.

AdToken (ADT)

AdToken is the token that runs the ad Chain platform. Ad Chain qualifies as the first decentralized network to whitelist for publishing domains. The ADT token is mostly confused to the Basic Attention Token (BAT) due to the impact the Brave Network has had in the ad world already. However, ADT is used differently from the attention rewarding token, BAT. ADT is a token that is used to vote, deposit and challenge ads on the ad Chain protocol.

ADT is currently trading at 0.075 signifying a 300% increase in April 2018. The coin endured a difficult 2 months since it hit its all-time high price of 0.1 in mid-January. However, at the end of March the coin plummeted below the $0.02 barrier for the first time since November last year. ADT started its recovery in April as it saw its market capitalization double in the first two weeks placing the coin at position 244 on the Coinmarketcap listing. AdToken (ADT) has however dropped in ranking to 255 even with its continued rise in price. The token’s total daily volume traded stood at $13 million across exchanges this Tuesday, a one month high since mid-March.


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