The announcement on the partnership between Verge (XVG) and Pornhub on April 17th triggered a massive selloff of XVG as most of the investors showed their disappointment on the token’s latest partner. XVG’s price plummeted by over 30% an hour after the announcement and has since struggled to find its feet on the green pathway. The partnership, to most people, was a failed move as the privacy token was expected to bring a stronger, ‘cleaner’ and more influential partner than Pornhub. Not in any way to disregard the partnership, but after a week of review, it looks a failed move.

However, XVG was in no way partnering with Pornhub for short term benefits. My opinion is that the partnership blues will soon be forgotten and brushed aside once the bags start to rain gold. It is definitely the time to purchase XVG as this recent partnership is a long term plan that may well be a catalyst to pushing the coin above $0.2 mark in 2018.

Advantages of the partnership

  1. The private nature of XVG makes Pornhub a perfect partner

Paying for content on adult sites using your credit, debit or other payment methods that require KYC protocols, makes it difficult for most people to actually subscribe. With the partnership with Verge, Pornhub may have solved one of its biggest problems, customer confidentiality. The partnership will see uptake of Verge on Pornhub as the cryptocurrency rivals off the other modes of payment.

The uptake will surely be slow taken the liquidity problems Verge faces, but in the long term the partnership will prove to be perfect for both companies as adoption takes off.

  1. All industries must be represented

The huge outrage from the VergeFam and investors alike towards the partnership is justifiable to the point that it wasn’t what the people expected. Any more bashing on the partnership may well be disproportionate. For any cryptocurrency enthusiast and stakeholder who believes in blockchain solving real world problems should be rejoicing at the partnership. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies need to be integrated to most industries to drive overall adoption and this partnership helped in reinforcing the belief. Verge became the first cryptocurrency to be integrated in the adult industry. This offers the token a first mover’s advantage in the $500 billion dollar industry that needs more privacy in payment systems.

  1. The market will recover

The market is doing well at the moment as Bitcoin crossed the $9000 mark for the first time in two months pushing the market upwards. However, this still represents less than half the price Bitcoin at its highest. The whole cryptocurrency market is currently in a bull run that doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Verge (XVG) will be a benefactor of the green movements as its development team focuses on new partnerships and industries to enter. The current price of XVG will double in Q2 as the bull market recovers to full potency.

Verge (XVG) in numbers

XVG token holders had a reason to celebrate at the end of 2017 as the price rose from $0.008 USD per token to an all-time high of $0.23 in 11 days. This 3000% increase in price in such a short period of time, caused massive attention on the coin with its price dwindling around that region till mid-January when the whole cryptocurrency market was seeing red with little flashes of green. The token dipped to $0.02 in mid-March, the lowest the price had reached since December.

Then came the announcement that a big partner was on the way. The XVG community, VergeFam, contributed towards making the partnership as the token’s price kept rising in anticipation of the partnership. The coin traded its highest ever volumes in 24 hours on the day of the announcement, as a total of $1.4 billion USD worth of XVG was traded. The coin is however recovering slowly from the shock sale on April 17, with the price having doubled since then to $0.06 per XVG.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Even as Verge (XVG) fights of the debacle of Pornhub partnership, it may well turn to be the catalyst to push the coin above $0.2 by the end of 2018. Hold on VergeFam, these are interesting times for XVG.


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