TrueChain (TRUE)

TrueChain (TRUE) is one of the cryptocurrencies making major moves in 2018; this crypto’s price has gained by over 175% in the past week. The coin is currently at a market cap of $ 42 million placing in 259 out of over 1500 cryptocurrencies that are currently in existence. With just three months in the industry, this altcoin has gained a lot of attention from the crypto community following good prospects on the fundamental value of the project. At the moment the number of TRUE tokens in supply stands at 25 million. OKEx is the leading coin market for this cryptocurrency with a larger volume being exchanged for the BTC followed from a far by USDT.

In the beginning of April, the project earned its good reputation after launching its PBFT protocol that had been a work in progress. The open source platform that aims to capture the digital & commercial advertising industry uses a hybrid consensus protocol. Therefore, the team is set to launch the second phase of the project in Q3 or Q4 of 2018; this will be the TrueChain hybrid consensus. The protocol is encoded with proof of work to work in conjunction with the PBFT, once the project is complete this scalable blockchain platform will have a fully functioning utility token; TRUE. Users on this open source network cans easily manage their decentralized applications as a result of its hybrid protocol.

Both the PBFT & the hybrid consensus serve important functions within the TrueChain (TRUE) blockchain platform to achieve the desired efficiency. Performance is among the end goals of most blockchains, the PBFT protocol is the solution the TrueChain sort to incorporate to increase value addition from commercial applications in future. In addition the hybrid consensus maintains the open source nature of this blockchain platform. TrueChain aims at working towards achieving stability, usability & performance as the crypto market thrives with a bonus of venturing into the $billion digital advertising arena. This platform will enable integration of website content and mobile apps as well as contract management for players within this line of business.

What is TrueChain’s applicable Solution?

  • Develop Infrastructure

The platform which operates as an opens source is guided by its public status to build infrastructure. Organizations and corporations now have the opportunity to create a blockchain oriented digital advertising industry by building DApps on this platform, this should focus on transparency. Smart contracts within this platform are encoded with advertising contractual language for the approval purposes within the platform.

  • Maximum profits/Cost Efficiency

This network will enable digital adverts to receive more profits as opposed to dollars they currently make from contracts with the tech giants in Silicon Valley. TrueChain’s estimated fee reduction is by 80% from the current market prices in the industry; this means that publishments could earn well over 70% in revenues.

  • User Engagement

TrueChain (TRUE) will involve users more than the current digital advertising industry does; this is through the limitless contribution protocol. The community within this crypto will earn with TRUE tokens for actively participating in the network.

Custom Token Advantage

Users within this platform have the liberty to create their own tokens and define the scope of functionality with the aid of smart contracts. The difference between this platform and the popular Ethereum is that tokens or currencies can be issued and all token / currency transaction are sharing the same ledger TRUE uses.


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