For quite some time, investors have been looking at cryptocurrencies usability but with Lisk (LSK), It is for a different reason; the price. This is a simple blockchain platform that lets you to create and deploy your applications using a user friendly API. This has given the ecosystem a major boost especially for those who are not tech savvy.

However, the price surge is not about the platforms capabilities. The investor is focusing on the stability of the coin with usability coming second. This means as the system usability grows the value of the coin surges. This is making the future of the coin look promising.

Future Lisk (LSK) Price

The price might not look favorable as an entry point but it is not going to drop any day soon.  LSK is trading slightly above the $10 and is the right price for any serious investor who is keen on reaping the benefits in the future. However, this could be the wrong investment choice for those who are looking at short term benefits.

At the time of writing, the Lisk (LSK) was trading at $12.67 representing a 24-hour gain of 3.38% against the dollar. With the current trends and speedy recovery, the coin is predicted to close 2018 at $45. This means in 5 years’ time, the coin will be comfortably trading at the$105 which is an impressive investment to make today.

Why the Astronomical Lisk (LSK) Growth

One of the reasons why the investors are buying the LSK coin is because of the platform it rides on. This is one of the easiest systems where developers can build their applications. As a developer, you just need to code and deploy your Apps; it is as straightforward as that.

With the potential of wooing more users, the investors are trying to cash in on these capabilities before the price goes through the roof. Even for the crypto-minnows, the signs are there; increased uptake means the entire community gains with increase coin value in the market.

Lisk (LSK) is billed as one of the most stable Altcoin; surviving the crypto-crash early in the year is enough proof that the coin is volatility resistance. At the current price, the investor knows in the next few years, their investment will triple.

Who is Supporting Lisk (LSK?)

Lisk has won the hearts of many and the developer team is confident that the coin is set for a bright future. Currently, the team is making the platform perfect to allow App developers create and deploy their own digital assets using smart contracts.

The Ethereum former CEO shifting base to Lisk is a clear testimony that the coin is trying to dislodge Ethereum as the first choice DApp ecosystems. With the current vulnerabilities on the Ethereum smart contracts, the focus now is on Lisk as the only viable option.

Microsoft and Lisk partnership is another reason why more users are investors have confidence in the system. Microsoft is a one of the biggest corporate entities that settled for Lisk in 2016 and they are still happy with the collaboration to date.

If you have been using Microsoft Azure program, then you are using a product of Lisk as well. Azure cloud is one of the best protocols riding on the blockchain technology so far. With older cryptocurrencies grappling with network congestion resulting in slow transactions, for Lisk, speed is a plus.

With the recent changes implemented on the Lisk platform, users are enjoying a better interface that is friendly. More features have been added and old fashioned ones done away with. The List Hub now looks better for a coin that is poised to be the leader in DApps.

After trading for some time in the red, Lisk (LSK) has opted to remain on the green. The coin stability is making it a major player in the digital currency markets. With marginal gains against the USD and BTC, this is the right coin for any investors to stake on.


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