(GTC) (GTC): The $140 billion dollar gaming industry has been growing at a fast rate in the last decade. The current global gaming market reports from Newzoo show that mobile, PC and console games still hold the largest share in the gaming world. The industry currently has over 1.5 billion customers around the world and expects to grow to over $350 billion by 2020.

With the blockchain technology gaining popularity amongst the gamers, more gaming platforms will need to be integrated into blockchains to provide a trustless and decentralized platform for gaming. is focused on providing a solution through its decentralized global gaming platform for blockchain digital currencies.

The (GTC) token (GTC) was first offered in early October 2017 through a public pre-sale for a period of 3 weeks. The pre-ICO ended on 31st October 2017 with a total of 500 million GTC tokens released for public sale out of the maximum cap of 2 billion GTC tokens. The ICO started in November and ran through the month. During the ICO, each GTC token traded for roughly a cent ($0.099 USD).

The Ethereum based token used its parent blockchain Ether during the ICO. Each ETH token was exchanged for 3000 GTC in the first week of the presale and afterwards ranged between 4000-5000GTC per ETH as the price of Ethereum soared during the ICO period. token (GTC) rises by over 300% in April

The Chinese based platform is highly popular in Pacific Asia especially Korea as gamers have taken up the blockchain in completing peer to peer transactions. The blockchain currently runs on the GTC tokens to provide a form of payment to create and purchase applications on the platform as well as rewarding developers. The token is currently ranked 138th on Coinmarketcap market capitalization ranking with a total market cap of $122,598,604 USD.

Since listing on various exchanges at the start of 2018, the coin quickly shot up to trade at 10 cents per token and continued rising as the whole market was in a massive bull momentum. The token had an incredible week of green as its price soared above the $0.3 USD mark on January 8th 2018, representing a 200% increase in a week. The rapid rise in GTC price was quickly halted as the markets started to tumble following Bitcoin’s fall in price. The token’s price fell below $0.04 USD for the first time on March 18th 2018 to record a low of $0.037.

Since the hour of miracles at the start of Q2, (GTC) has seen its price fly high to record an all-time high of $0.4668. The rapid increase in price of GTC was inspired by a 3 day bullish momentum shown in the coin from April 19th to April 22nd that saw the coin rise by 830% from $0.05 to its all-time high. The pace has however slowed as each GTC token currently trades for $0.0206, a 377% increase in a month.


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