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 Ignis (IGNIS) price has surged by 37% in the past week although it is yet to surpass its all-time high of $28. Investors’ and analysts within the crypto arena are speculating that this coin will soon be accessible to the South Korean market after Upbit recently paired the altcoin with KRW. This strategic move is expected to fasten the realization of Ignis fundamental value and achieve its correct market price gradually.

The coin had been bullish at the beginning of this year when it was listed in Bittrex after which it slid back a few positions in market cap. Could this be the beginning of another bull run to $20? This can only be answered with time but according to the speculated demand from the South Korean market, the probability increases slightly. This “child chain” protocol is well positioned within the crypto arena to accommodate more users with minimal scalability issues as opposed to BTC or ETH.

The Ardor Ignis Unique Blockchain

It has become evident by the day that blockchain network is clearly just the beginning of the Fintech evolution. The notion applied in building the ardor platform allows for child chain protocols to be built on the network. This is advancement from the strictly on-chain protocols that have proven to face scalability issues.

Ignis (IGNIS) is a pioneer coin for the child chain model which operates on the ardor platform. This project aims at solving the problems encountered by the likes of Ethereum and Bitcoin as crypto gains popularity by the day. Users can be able to access this platform and build child chains that operate within their desired features. This type of liberty on blockchain protocols is more long-term oriented and will pick once users realize they can access faster platforms within their own chains.

2018 Game Changer!

Activity within the crypto arena has been on the rise since the year began. New ICO projects are launching on the regular from different regions. Getting listed in a big exchange has shown to affect crypto prices significantly; Ignis was recently listed on Bittrex after which the coin surged but not for long. This coin exchange is among the most popular and flexible crypto market when it comes to trading pairs. Currently IGNIS can only be traded for BTC within this platform but the possibility of Bittrex adding trading pairs in future cannot be underestimated. Upbit which trades the most volume of IGNIS has added the KRW pair boosting the coin’s rating amongst crypto markets. This is a good start for the coin to be listed in more exchanges and add trading pairs to access global crypto markets.

IGNIS Market Analysis             

Ignis (IGNIS) joined this volatile group of assets late last year. It has since behaved as any crypto analyst would expect with its volatility at 29% within the last month. Good market days have seen the altcoin grow by as much as 230% within a single day. However, the coin’s cumulative return is at a negative 92% right now, this is not common for most digital assets to date. What would increase an investor’s confidence is IGNIS being listed among the top 150 coins in market cap in addition to its fundamental value in line with blockchain’s tech future. Market price correction might see IGNIS top the gainers by the end of 2018.


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