Wanchain (WAN)

The cryptocurrency market has continued to expand since the beginning of 2018 with more ICO’s being launched and regulations being reviewed in some countries. However, most crypto investors are familiar with the bigger altcoins such as BTC, ETH and EOS. The past few days have seen Wanchain (WAN), a top 30 crypto in market cap receive almost similar attention pushing its price closer to the $10 mark. The question remains how long will this bull-run last? From the look of things Wanchain seems quite prospectus right now with a market cap of $ 970 million while its price gained 12% within the week.

Crypto investors might have already noticed the volatile nature of this market and the sharp movements that have been labeled as pumps from time to time. Wanchain is among the cryptos that is currently enjoying a pat on the back from its most recent listing on a coin exchange platform. The news that this coin has been listed on a popular exchange hit the market barely a day ago but investors have already speculated the coin is going to be green for a while. Huobi is the coin exchange that listed the WAN cryptocurrency and trading is set to begin as soon as today;

Huobi Exchange Lists WAN coin

Binance currently dominates the volume of WAN coins traded right now with BTC & ETH pairs carrying the day. However, this is not the maximum potential of a coin that prides itself as the future “bank” within the blockchain ecosystem. Huobi platform has just joined the list that will be trading the WAN coin in future marking a big step in this project. More users especially from Asia will be able to appreciate this technology by buying the coins from Huobi; this increases the scope of risk aversion for the digital asset.

The WAN community will have more options in future to jump into other assets using their altcoins while at the same time managing risk by selling the coin on the available exchanges when they lose confidence. WAN is currently on a bullish trend that is likely to be accelerated by this news in the next few days. Its sustainability however remains on proving the fundamental value of its protocol in this blockchain tech competitive era.

The Wanchain Network

This new innovation within the blockchain arena has focused on linking the old finance ways with the future (Fintech). The protocol used to build the network creates a distributed banking system where financial intermediaries and those in need of financial services can connect at lower rates and in a more efficient manner. Although this may seem ambitious, Wanchain has figured out the approach to use in order to connect the different blockchain ledgers. The network uses modern cryptography to build a non-proprietary cross-chain protocol and a distributed ledger to record both cross-chain and intra-chain transactions.

Flexibility within the Wanchain network allows for both private and public blockchains integrate with the platform in order to link the different ledgers. This will come in handy when users want to exchange assets in future without having to go through a financial institution. Smart contracts are not the only protocols supported by this network; Wanchain is among the few platforms that users can exchange their tokens very privately. Simply put this platform allows one to build a virtual teller window that serves the purposes of banks not limiting credit advancement or payments. Under the guarantee of “banks” based on the blockchain infrastructure, more people can participate in financial services based on digital assets.


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