FunFair (FUN)

With the gambling marketplace worth over $45billion, there are many secrets in casino gaming that FunFair (FUN) is about to unleash to the world. Built on the transparent blockchain and backed by the Ethereum ecosystem, the casino world is about to become a safe haven for those looking for value for their money.

FunFair platform has already been licensed and is ready for all casinos and gambling systems to come onboard. Whether you are a diehard casino or gambling fanatic, you deserve a fair system that takes care of your interests and investment. A system like FunFair is immutable, transparent and gives real time results and that is all what the casino and gambling industry has been missing.

With the FunFair blockchain based ecosystem, the issues of high operational costs, slow transactions and lack of trust among are set to become a thing of the past. The technology ushers in a new era of accountability, fast transactions and traceability.

Setting up a Casino with FunFair (FUN) Secret

With a lot of bureaucracy involved in setting up a casino or a gambling entity, FunFair (FUN) makes it easy. All you need is a licensing the FunFair technology and you are ready to go. Once licensed, the platform allows you to customize your outlet depending on user demands and the satisfaction that discerns.

The FunFair system is very functional. With any easy casino set at your disposal, you can configure different perks for your users. You can create a special lounge for your high spenders or just design a loyalty program for all your users. It is upon you to decide whether you are going to have ‘members club only’ or choose popular games for the masses worldwide.

FunFair (FUN) User Centric Secret

Most convectional casinos and gambling platforms focus on how to fleece the user and get profits. With the FunFair network, it is the other way round; the user comes first. The user centric nature of the ecosystem does away with user friction whilst creating an environment of mass adoption. With the transparency and speeds in the system, user retention is easy.

FunFair (FUN) makes it easy for users to come onboard without downloading those huge traditional files to your home computer or smartphone. You do not have to go through a frustrating sign up process or doing a back ground check whether your service provider is Know Your Customer (KYC) ready; all is done for you.

The FunFair rides on HTML5 and there is no need to download an application that will eat into your computer or phone space. With the Civic identification technology in the offing, you will only have a single click sign up process.

Other FunFair (FUN) Secrets No One will tell you

There are other Ethereum based casinos and gambling platforms but their problems is their user friendliness. When adoption is limited or slowed down by the mining process which slows down game loading and execution. Funfair is not mineable and there are no chances of the system getting clogged due to high adoption and usage.

When the bet fees are higher than the amount the user bets, then the system is not worth trying. Most Ethereum based casino and gambling platforms let their fees be dictated by the Ethereum price. With a non-mineable platform like Funfair, the system has the capacity to keeps fees almost nil.

Using the Fate Channel, the FunFair network ensures fairness and trust across their affiliate systems. You can verify the odds using smart contracts. This is one of the factors why the FunFair model is becoming popular by the day. With smart contract verification ability, you can always confirm odds against what the operator advertises for a fair game play.

FunFair (FUN) Price Secret

It is no secret anymore that the FunFair price is on the rise; it has been bullish since the beginning of April and as the projects gets a global appeal, the value is set to moon to the next level. This is among the Altcoin whose recovery is steady based on the token stability.

FunFair (FUN) is trading at 0.055804 at the time of writing with significant gains of 12.40% against the dollar, 15.34 to Bitcoin and a massive 23.15 to Ethereum. With the number of licensed games on the platform on the rise a lot of interest is expected. However, FunFair is not a lone player in the casino and gambling market but with the opportunities in the market, this is a sure bet for the investor.


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