IOStoken (IOST) has had a good run in last few days. So what is driving it?  There are a number of factors pushing it up, including getting listed on the AirSwap exchange. This listing comes against the backdrop of rumors that it could also be added on more Korean exchanges, in the near future. South Korea is one of the biggest crypto markets in the world, and if more exchanges in this jurisdiction choose to add it, there is good reason to believe that IOST will continue to gain in value. Other factors that will drive IOS token going forward are as below.

  1. It has a strong use value

In 2017, the crypto market was largely driven by hype and euphoria. Things are looking a little different this year. Investors are looking at the fundamentals of a crypto before committing their money in it. IOST happens to be one of the cryptos that have some great fundamentals relative to their prices. One of the strongest aspects to IOST is that it is a secure and highly scalable. Most blockchain projects in the market have to deal with these two problems and very few seem to be making any major headways. For instance, Ethereum which serves the same purpose as IOST has serious scalability and security problems that are a major impediment to its widespread adoption.

IOStoken (IOST) solves these two problems by combining a number of next-gen technologies including Sharding and proof of believability. Just to give you an idea of how good these technologies are, Ethereum’s founder is very enthusiastic about Sharding. He believes it can be the one of the technologies that could solve Ethereum’s scaling problems efficiently. In essence, the fact that IOST has already mastered it, and is implementing this technology is a good indicator that they have a leg up in the race to take blockchain technology to the next stage, and that is mass adoption.  This also makes it IOST highly undervalued at current prices, and investors are beginning to take note.

  1. It targets high value service industries

The greatest fundamental value to IOST comes from the fact that it is aimed at high value industries and not the mass market. It is focused on online-advertising, prediction markets, cloud computing among other high value industries. These are industries that can give IOST a major value boost if they were to adopt it.  For instance, the global cloud computing business stands at over $280 billion, and growing.  That’s huge, if IOST successful embeds itself in it.

  1. It has a strong and proactive team

A quick look at the IOST team reveals that it is made up of credible individuals, some of them Harvard graduates. They are also quite aggressive in their marketing activities, including activities on social media and blockchain forums.

With all these factors at play, it is not hard to see why IOStoken (IOST) is on the rise. This is one of those blockchain projects that has the potential to gain massive adoption in the future, and investors are taking note of it.


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