Pundi X (NPXS): The question of cryptocurrencies purchasing power is a hot topic right now as debates continue on which class of assets they should be regulated under. Currently most cryptos can only be used to purchase other coins which are not the end goal of the digital currencies. Therefore, crypto will remain relevant to only a few users until the day it will be possible to purchase bread from your local store with altcoins. However, this problem is about to be solved by the Pundi X platform which launched its ICO in Q1 of 2018. This network is an open source that will allow developers to launch retail shops within the platform using the point-of-sale (POS) protocol. In addition users will be able to use a mobile app and a contactless smart card to make purchases using their coins within the network.

NPXS Competitive Edge;

  • Asian Market

Currently the Asian market dominates the crypto arena leading all other regions in the adoption of blockchain. Pundi X is strategically placed within this fast growing market and is mainly focusing on South East Asia right now. The team is well vast with the Indonesian market having being within the region for a while now; this is good because they have identified the market needs of the people. The Pundi X platform will incorporate retail stores using the POS terminals in accordance with the market demand hence increasing its probability of survival. In the next two years focus will mainly be on building coverage for a variety of services including smaller sellers in order to incentivize crypto spending in future.

  • Mobile Wallet

Private and public keys are important when it comes to holding a portfolio in crypto. However, most users find this process a bit engaging especially if they have no intentions to interact with blockchain platforms directly. Pundi X (NPXS) is among the networks that allow users to simply hold a password for their mobile wallet which is more familiar to most people. With the increasing security features it will be possible to simply hold your coins in this mobile wallet and access it easily without having to remember your private and public keys.

  • The Smart Card

Another development that makes the platform simpler to use is a smart card. This card is highly convenient since it can be used without the mobile application. In addition the cards can be charged by one person meaning a whole family could have their cards recharged from a single app. Older generations who are not tech savvy will be able to use cryptocurrencies with much ease as more parts of Asia continue to accept altcoins.

Market Analysis

Pundi X (NPXS) has been gaining market relevance with over 100,000 downloads of Pundi apps. More restaurants accept the Pay-By-QR apps today placing the Pundi platform on a favorable trend for its market timing. The altcoin which ranks 59th in market cap right now has been highly bullish in the past month having increased price by over 700%. However its volatility stood at a high of 87% which is quite normal within its peer assets. An investor would have to part with $0.0064 for one Pundi X coin right now which quite explains the potential dramatic increase in price from % perspective.


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