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The cryptocurrency market has been steadily growing since the beginning of 2018 although the bullish and bearish movements still remain highly unpredictable. Odyssey (OCN) is among the altcoins that has been gaining popularity despite being in the market for less than 6 months. The altcoin is currently position 210 in market capitalization with a volume of over $30 million traded in the last 24 hours. At this pace the coin can be properly valued by market mechanisms once cryptocurrency stabilizes and investors view digital assets from a fundamental perspective as opposed to “get rich” overnight investments.

This blockchain network is based in Singapore which has invested much of its resources in tech savvy ideas. The project aims at reducing the cost of sharing within the economy by cutting out the centralized structures via peer to peer networks. In addition to the blockchain technology the team will also use artificial intelligence (AI) & big data as they revolutionize the P2P platforms. OCN is among the cryptos making major moves in market cap and price in 2018 due to a couple of factors right now;

TRON Mainnet Upgrade to Odyssey v.1.0.6

Tron has been looking for a representative for a while now. This was after the blockchain platform had signaled that it will launch its own mainnet in order to increase transaction speed as more users embrace cryptocurrencies. The project has not stopped at the launching of the mainnet since the developers wanted to further improve its features. It is for this reason that the mainnet was upgraded to Odyssey n.1.0.6 on 7th May 2018. News like this have in the recent past pushed the price of coins towards the green faces than the red ones which is why the OCN community is highly prospectus after this upgrade. Odyssey v.1.0.6 has improved the TRON mainnet protocol greatly with features like reward redemptions that did not exist previously. If the success in this development continues both platforms stand to benefit greatly especially for long term stability.

Partnerships for Odyssey Coin (OCN)

By now any crypto enthusiast understands that partnerships determine a lot on the future of a coin’s value. Odyssey has already secured a couple of strategic partnerships within the three months its ICO has been trading;

  • Singapore Economics Management Institute (SEMI)

This is the most recent partnership secured by the Odyssey team barely two days ago. However, this had been preceded by acquiring a membership of the Singapore Fintech Association. Also, the blockchain has partnered with Singapore Economics & Advisory which is in charge of providing support within the financial services arena. On the other hand, SEMI provides guidance to foreign delegates through learning of training processes.

  • oBike Integration

Odyssey has managed to tap into this industry where demand seems not be an issue in Singapore. They have integrated their e-wallets with this oBike app giving bikers the convenience of paying in crypto, OCN to be specific. Scalability within this over 10 million customer base will be met by the efficiency brought by the Odyssey platform in terms of costs, security and transaction speed. To simplify the adoption of the new tech, OCN e- wallets are unique to fit the flexibility in ease of use for all customers hence the use of biometrics. Additionally, smart contracts allows for users to form and approve sharing agreements within the network. This means that the bikes rented within a smart contract agreement will be paid for in OCN tokens once the user arrive their destination and terminates the contract.


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