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In a world where cryptocurrencies are getting launched daily, choosing a good investment becomes a nightmare. However, the practical aspect of digital coins usability is becoming clear. PIVX (PIVX) is a unique coin that combines privacy and instant transaction verification.

This is an anonymous payment application that comes with a zPOS system. This makes the user community secure the network and get rewarded with newly created xPIV token that you can convert to PIVX and ultimately other major coins in the market.

The simplicity and focus of PIVX (PIVX) is what entices the community to continuously keep growing. The name simply summarizes what the platform is all about. PIVX is the acronym for Private Instant Transactions.  From the current market positioning, the coin is set to meet its global objective.

Why PIVX (PIVX) is a Good Privacy and Instant Transaction Option

Much has been talked about privacy coins and this seems to be the in thing after the Know Your Customer (KYC) campaigns kicked in. PIVX is KYC compliant community based outfit that takes the best development practices head on. It is one of the upcoming real world use case coin.

The network is designed in such a way that you are assured of secure transactions that cannot be manipulated by other users or tracked by government operatives. With the increased awareness of the blockchain benefits, PIVX gives the user all the freedom they deserve when it comes to using their online wealth.

What Makes PIVX (PIVX) Stand out of the Crowd?

There is nothing special or new PIVX has brought into the market. However, the packaging of the coins is what makes its stand out of the crowd. Its ability to swiftly transfer virtual money across the borders and its user-centric nature has helped in cutting a niche in the industry.

To date, PIVX has achieved major milestones and the developers’ team keeps working hard to meet the user growing demand. The platform governance structure is superb and has been able to achieve the right fungiblity levels that most privacy coins have failed.

Transaction costs on the platform are almost zero and you do not feel the pinch since the rates are flat irrespective of where the recipient is located. And what’s more? On top of the instantaneous transfers users are getting rewarded when they convert other currencies into PIVX from select exchanges.

The interest earning model of PIVX is a new way of incentivizing the user. This is a strategy to woo more users into the platform and continue to grow its affiliate network. The more outlets accepting PIVX the more liquidity the coin gains and this increases the value to the entire platform.

PIVX (PIVX) Real Life Use Benefits

Unlike other privacy coins, PIVX hides your account balance from other platform users. This is a good feature to protect you from being the hackers’ target. To achieve this, the system uses the zPIV technology. This also ensures the best transparency in the market is achieved.

To ensure that users are not targeted based on the transaction amounts and frequency, the system hides your transaction history.  In addition, the sender and receiver addresses are not open to the public making PIVX safe, private and fungible.

For any next generation coin, transactions speed are becoming a critical feature ad the consumer knows it. PIVX transactions are instantaneous and achieve the much needed anonymity. According to their official website, it only takes as little as 0.5 to create a news coin and2.5 seconds to spend it.

PIVX (PIVX) Price Outlook

If price is what makes you invest in a privacy coin, PIVX is the right buy at the moment. After dropping from a high of $12 in January, it plummeted to a low of $3.72 and it is currently on the uptrend changing hands at$5.14 after dropping 3.91% against the dollar and gaining 1.71 to BTC in the last 24-hours.

With the launch of the first world privacy staking system zPOS the coin value and adoption is set to surge north and this will usher a new era in the cryptocurrency market. It is now easy to store your PIVX and ZPIV in a single PIVX wallet. This makes it even better to send receive the same instantly and anonymously.


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