QTUM is by far one of the most underrated cryptocurrency projects in the market. That’s because it is rarely hyped by the media, yet it has some of the most technically advanced features in crypto space.  It is made for business, and is designed to allow for the development of smart contracts just like in Ethereum, while at the same time offering the stability of the bitcoin network.

The biggest news coming out of the Qtum network is the launch of the Qtum X86 virtual machine. The QTUM team has announced that the virtual machine will be launched on the 23rd of May and the market is excited about it, and for good reason.

For starters, the X86 is most likely the most advanced virtual  machine in the market For instance, unlike Ethereum that allows developers to only create smart contacts in solidity, developers will be able to use multiple languages, when creating Dapps using the X86 virtual machine. It is designed to allow developers create decentralized applications using C++, C# and other popular programming languages. This will lead to a huge adoption of the QTUM blockchain by Dapps developers all across the world, once it is launched.
On top of that, the X86 virtual machine is designed to use fewer resources in running the nodes.  This means that it will be way cheaper to develop and execute smart contracts on the Qtum blockchain, something that is guaranteed to give it a wider adoption, over Ethereum and other smart contract platforms.

However, the biggest news surrounding Qtum is the partnership with PundiX. For those who don’t know, PundiX is a crypto project that is focused on building the infrastructure to take cryptocurrencies to the mass market.  They are doing this by developing point-of-sale devices through which, people can sell cryptocurrencies. Currently, they are planning to deploy these devices enmasse, starting with 4000 devices in the Asian market. Now, here is the catch, with this partnership, Qtum will be one of the first cryptos that people will be able to purchase on PundiX devices. Naturally this will drive up the volumes of Qtum traded, which will also drive up its price.

Thanks to this partnership, there is also a good chance that PundiX will actively market Qtum more than other cryptos. This could be the key factor that takes QTUM to the entire world. At the moment, Qtum is mainly popular in China and many people in the west don’t know about it. If PundiX penetrates the western market, and markets Qtum, it could be a massive catalyst for the growth of this crypto.

With these factors at play, Qtum could be the crypto that leads the next Bull Run. It has the fundamentals right, and once the Chinese momentum builds up, the rest of the world will catch up and drive up volumes.  Signs of a bull run are already there. Volumes  are already rising, even as the rest of the market remains relatively quiet at the moment. It won’t be surprising if Qtum (QTUM) skyrockets to $100 and above after the X86 virtual machine launch on the 23rd.


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