With many Altcoins still working on their infrastructure, Syscoin (SYS) is already in the market and is shaking some of the leading marketplaces. With the platform, you have the best avenues to showcase and sell your products or get commissions selling other people products and services. All you need is create your own store on the Syscoin market place.

One of the reasons Syscoin is headed to the moon is digital coin enthusiasts are crypto-aware and are looking for currencies that offer various solutions to real world problems. The coin is used on the Syscoin (SYS) marketplace to facilitate buying and selling of goods and services as well as exchanging with other major coins.

The platform, unlike eBay and Amazon, you are not restricted to specific products. The platform allows users to deal directly with the consumer on a level playing ground. Your storefront is directly built the Syscoin network and you can create different stores for different products and services depending on your target audience.

Why Choose Syscoin (SC) Marketplace?

The beauty of Syscoin market place is that you have a wallet where you can do all transactions from. You do not have to keep balancing your stocks; everything is done for you. With the native wallet, you have all the features an online store demands.

With Syscoin Blockmarket Wallet, your transaction logs are streamlined. This makes it easy for you to buy goods, resell them and use it to send messages to your customers. The system guarantees you zero downtimes and your store is open 24/7; it discerns you with zero service outages.

Sending money using the Syscoin wallet is seamless and the platform is secure enough to give you peace of mind. The wallet uses aliases that enable you to use easy to remember addresses and doing away with those complex wallet addresses used in older cryptocurrencies.

How is Syscoin (SYS) doing in the Market?

Microsoft Azure choice for Syscoin as a BaaS service provider is a clear indication that with a fixed supply of $900million, it is the right coin to invest in. To date, SYS has not disappointed; if the chart trends are anything to write home about. With near zero transaction fees, it stands to benefit from consumers who are budget sensitive and see eBay and amazon as fraud.

The intrinsic SYS value is what is driving adoption and resulting traction to the coin. Currently there is no other outfit that can match Syscoin in the decentralized field. What’s more, it allows you trade in goods and services and other digital assets whilst ensuring your data is secure.

Peek Preview of Syscoin in the Charts

Ranked 74th by market capitalization after dropping from 72nd a few hours ago, Syscoin (SYS) is currently trading at $0.449088 with a 24-hour gain of 24.46% against the dollar. SYS is a usable coin and you can use it to buy products from Blue Motor Vehicles, Canada including the fancied Lamborghini, Shelby and Ferrari.

With a price of $0.44, Syscoin is set for mass adoption and the price seems to be headed north and expected to break the earlier resistance of $0.91 in January and hit an all-time high of $1 in 2018. With 23,378,100 worth of SYS changing hands in the last 24 hours, there is more to come for the coins and holders need to start seeing the profits for their investment.

Syscoin (SYS) is listed on all major exchanges and this gives the coin an upper hand in terms of global appeal. Getting listed on major exchanges is a dream of every coin and token and SYS is already enjoying these benefits making it a global coin that you can use in affiliate store.


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