Ripple (XRP) has always attracted the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts for a good reason.  This explains why the coin is taking off and this could be your last chance to come onboard. The platform usability has been tested and worked out fine and the XRP coin is usable and continues to discern the adorers.

The most interesting fact about Ripple (XRP) is an entry point coin for the individual user and corporates in the banking sector. The price of the coin has stuck below the $1. This is one of its selling points. A coin that is mass user centric comes with intrinsic value and the investor stands to gain more.

Will Company Ripple Cease Control of XRP?

With a lot of criticism coming the Ripple way, the team is set to change the current logo to distance Ripple, the company with Ripple (XRP), the coin. This is seen as a result of mounting pressure from SEC and if the rebranding takes effect, Ripple will have less control over the XRP coin price and value going forward.

Many Ripple critics have always argued that the company controls pricing to entice mass adoption and as long as the coin is not decentralized. The price will stay low despite the amount of value it gains. This also explains why XRP has been locked out from being listed on Coinbase exchange.

Why is Ripple (XRP) set to take off?

The XRP coin is spendable and its usability has been tested and the banking sector is now scrambling for a piece of pie. You cannot compare the platform with those of other Altcoins playing in the same industry. The banking sector and financial institutions have come to acknowledge the power of blockchain technology through Ripple.

Through market intelligence, Ripple has come up with functional products that the financial sector players find irresistible.  xCuurent, xVia and xRapid are some of the products that will add efficiency and safe the banking sector millions of dollars. With the current inroads XRP is making in the banking sector, you will be able to access these products from your local bank.

Ripple (XRP) Confidence Boosters

Investors are known for their “let’s wait and see attitude” before staking on any cryptocurrency. Ripple has proven beyond reasonable doubts that it is the platform of the future. XRP holders have every reason to smile now that the platforms technology is getting tested by key players in the financial sector and auto sector.

Standard Chartered Bank, Mitsubishi Corporation and Ayudhya Bank (Krungsri) are some of the major industry players that are testing Ripple products in Thailand and Singapore. With the good news, XRP volumes have spruced to life and these and more partnerships will enable the coin scale higher heights. This will be even better if the Ripple holdings let XRP play by market demands and dynamics. This will also let the partner liquidity input spur XRP growth both in value and volumes.

Behind Ripple Scenes; A new Business Model in the Offing

Although it is still early to predict what the Ripple team is working on, a new business model riding on Ripple’s ecosystem might be in the offing. Coil is a new business outfit that will enable incentivizing top web contributors to increase productivity. This is an ideal tool for top web owners who want to pay contributor according to their input.

The expert behind coin is also Ripple’s CTO, Stefan Thomas. According a tweet dated May 14;

Excited to launch @Coil, a new startup building micropayment applications on XRP and Interledger. We’re creating a new business model


— Stefan Thomas (@justmoon) May 14, 2018

This seems to be part of a wide range of products that Ripple is hiding under the sleeve. This is a new concept that will make it easy for rewarding and incentivizing App and digital content development. It is a plus for the platform as it seeks to go main-stream and allow more adopters to come onboard.

XRP Trading Snapshot

The last 24 hours saw XRP trade in the read and at the time of writing the coins was trading at $0.676249 after losing ground to the dollar by a marginal 3.02%. This could reflect on the overall market slump but the coin surge is anticipated in the coming days.

Chances are the anticipated new look will give Ripple (XRP) the push it deserves to trade above the $1 threshold before a break out that should make it play with the giants in price war front. This could be the right time to for traders buy and hold.


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