Tron (TRX) is anticipated to undertake its main net launch in the next weeks in its efforts to continue growing its reach globally. The launch of a virtual machine, a main net, token migration and election of Super representatives are all expected between May 25th and June 26th. This is a major milestone in the platform’s systems and management. Within the next month, TRON will begin to run on its own blockchain. The first set of Super representatives will also be in place. The TRX has been doing well with and these developments are likely to help the token continue to grow in popularity and adoption.

The TRON main net will substitute Ethereum as the main channel through which payments will be facilitated. Most blockchain based projects aim to have their own blockchain on which to carry out transactions. However, it is common place to see projects that are small in scale or those that are still relatively new operating on other blockchains such as Ethereum. This allows reduces the requirements for such projects to launch and reach the market as they can continue to offer their services while the Main net is still in development. The launch of the Mainnet is likely to help TRON continue to grow exponentially as it increases investor confidence on the platform. With this in mind, TRON is expected to have its price surge before its main net is released.

TRX migration on RightBTC

RightBTC, a top digital exchange platform announced its participation in the launch of the TRON (TRX) mainnet and the subsequent token migration. TRX has been operating on ethereum as an ERC-20 token as it continued to work on the development of its mainnet. Tron had earlier announced that the token migration would occur automatically on exchanges and RightBTC will help facilitate this. Once the Main net has been launched, RightBTC will allow holders of the ERC-20 based TRX tokens to deposit their tokens in exchange for the tokens on the TRON main net.

TRX migration on Bibox Exchange

Another player to announce its participation in TRON’s improvements of its blockchain and the token migration is Bibox exchange. Bibox provides utility such as a wallet for storing crypto assets, exchange and interest earning savings accounts among others. Like RightBTC, Bibox will allow holders of TRON’s ERC-20 based tokens to deposit them to Bibox and in return receive the new TRX tokens in a ratio of one to one. While many wallets are non-interest bearing, Bibox operates almost like a bank such that it can use coins deposited in the wallet for value addition enabling it’s users earn interest from owning the tokens.

As the date for the Mainnet launch gets closer, TRON (TRX) has made some additions in its team to continue with development towards increasing the network’s rate of growth. The latest addition to the team is Sean Liu, a data scientist formerly working with Gridsum. His aim is to promote confidence in the platform by developing projects to facilitate tracking of payment and load balancing. Data has remained a major area of interest across different sectors as better technologies continue to be developed to draw meaningful insight from the ever growing amounts of data generated from daily.


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