Every crypto, mainstream or Altcoin is seeking a boost at a time when the market is in turmoil. Zilliqa (ZIL) is succeeding where others are struggling to step out of the red in the charts. The developer team is keen on making Zilliqa a global brand in its own rights whilst growing a vibrant community behind the token.

Zilliqa rides on the Ethereum technology making it ERC20 token and one of the most promising on the range. Since late 2017, the token has had a good ride making it gain natural followership and a very vibrant community to boot. This is not very usual to new market entrants.

Why is Everyone Interested in Zilliqa (ZIL)?

Being ranked 7th in the most influential ERC20 tokens category, Zilliqa seem poised to earn the respect of investors in the next few months. With focus being shifted to the tokens offering real world usability, the Zilliqa is also threatening to take Ethereum’s position in their niche.

If the developer ream delivers as per the set roadmap, Zilliqa might become the top ERC20 token even before the end of the year. This will mean increased adoption, better service provision and better user experience. Once its functionalities are released, Ethereum will lose a large following.

Zilliqa has over the last four months proved to bes one of the fasted growing crypto. The coin knows where to hit the headlines and get noticed. The direction any coin can be easily influenced by how it is trending in the media and it has been all positive for the token.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Scilla Deployment is Boost

Zilliqa has gone a step further and used the state of the art smart contract technology. The Scilla language is the future of DApps with improved transaction throughput compared to that of Ethereum. Scilla employs the sharding concept to make scalability on the ecosystem a reality.

The goal of Zilliqa is to ensure it can perform thousands of transactions in one second. The tem behind the project is confident that by using the Scilla language, their dream will become a reality. This technology will be able to protect the platform against smart contract failures like the ones Ethereum is battling with.

With this technology, more and more App developers and other stakeholders are migrating from Ethereum to Zilliqa. The shift of interest to Zilliqa is a surefire confirmation that the new kid on the blockchain has better scalability solutions, affordable and faster.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Partnerships Zilliqa (ZIL) is not taking any chances and has hit the ground running. With so many partners seeking out for the platform, already brought DHVC, FBG, 1Kx, Talenta, 8Decimal, Metachain, and Bitcoin Suisie onboard and the thirst for more is still evident.

Zilliqa (ZIL) has a meet-up in Singapore in three days (MAY 23rd) and this is anticipated to be the turning point for the token. Investors and enthusiasts are keeping their fingers crosses and the team plays its cards close to their chests. Activity around the platform seems endless and this will spike ZIL into gaining in the market.

Zilliqa (ZIL) in the Charts

With the increasing demand for real world use of tokens and coins, Zilliqa has become the natural choice and this has enables the coin trade on the green for the better part of the week. The token is poised to climb back above the elusive $1 market in the coming days. Right now, the ZIL token was trading at $0.150628 after an impressive gain of 8.35% to the dollar, 8.24% to BTC and 7.83% against ETC in the last 24 trading hours. The same period has seen $ 74,688,300 worth of ZIL change hands with Binance pushing 37.95% of the total volume to the market.

After Zilliqa (ZIL) listing on an Indian Exchange Unocoin, the rush for the token seems unending. This comes as good news to the investors as the addition on the trading platform is a surefire way of increasing the ZIL value. This is the right time to buy the token and HODL to see how the market behaves after the Singapore meet up on 23rd May.


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