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Aion (AION) is one of the best cryptos in the market, and is relatively underpriced, when you factor in its market fundamentals. It is focused on scalability and interoperability, two issues that are essential for the adoption of blockchain technology in the long-run.  Besides, solving some of the most critical aspects of blockchain technology, here are 4 factors that have the potential to take AION to the moon in 2018.

  1. The shift from ERC-20 is about to happen

Aion is an ERC-20 token, but it has announced that they will be shifting to the Aion native network soon.  This may have caused many exchanges to hold back from listing Aion to avoid the hassle of doing the token swap themselves.  However, once Aion moves to its own native network, many exchanges will jump in to list it. This will drive up trading volumes by a huge margin, and take Aion to valuations that might seem unimaginable at the moment.

  1. It has a large developer team

This may sound surprising but the Aion (AION) developer team is actually comparable to that of EOS. Considering how big and hyped EOS is, one can only imagine the scope of work the Aion team is handling. It means that whatever they are doing is massive. At the moment, Aion has teams working in Asia, Europe and North America. Their efforts reflect in the massive activity that is going on Github for Aion. Aion’s Github activity is an indicator that Aion is a crypto on the move, and whatever developments they are working on, will have a massive impact on the world as we know it today. This will definitely reflect in its value, going into the long-run.

  1. It is attracting more attention in the blockchain ecosystem

One of the best ways to tell that a crypto is about to moon, is by the amount of attention it is receiving in blockchain related conferences. Earlier this month, Aion had its developer conference in Canada and this had more than 600 people in attendance. That’s way higher than most crypto conferences, including that of Ethereum in its early days. This means that people are taking note of Aion and its massive potential to change the blockchain landscape. As such,  this could be one of the cryptos that will lead the next crypto bull run in 2018.

  1. It has the potential to develop strong strategic partnerships

One of the key drivers to the value of a crypto is the rate of adoption by different industries.  On this front, Aion (AION) has a good chance of adoption. That’s because one of its founders is well respected in the world of finance, being an advisor on the Ontario securities commission. Aion is also a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which gives it a good chance for adoption by global corporations such as Microsoft. Once it starts getting adopted, Aion will be headed to the moon.

Clearly, Aion is a gem, and those who get in early, start to reap big in the future!


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