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Litecoin (LTC) leadership in the digital cross-border payment scene continues to draw curiosity in the online payment circles. Alliant Systems became one of the early adopter to test the LitePay App in February. The efficiency and affordability of the outfit is attracting interest from one of the oldest and successful e-commerce site.

Litecoin (LTC) appears to be the best Amazon natural choice because of the near zero processing fees, secure features. In order to survive the competitive market, Amazon needs the Litecoin input through the LitePay outfit.  This is a system that will be able to offer real life solutions by making transaction processing cheap and protecting users against expensive chargebacks.

Litecoin (LTC) Fits Amazon Needs and Consumer demands

One advantage of Amazon using the blockchain outfit is that the blockchain just partnered with Alliant System that a capacity of handling over $600M transaction worth. This is a win for Litecoin’s future growth and LTC traction. The collaboration and additional users means access to LTC usability since most Alliant affiliate merchants are using LTC as a payment medium and this can increase Amazon reach and appeal globally.

Simply put;

“Litecoin is a decentralized and secure platform that creates a peer-to-peer network that enables costless, instant and secure transaction. The platform runs on LTC coins to enable peer-to-peer transactions that are cheaper and faster than the Bitcoin (BTC). The Bitcoin-forked coin ensures faster transaction times than Bitcoin and has been a preferred coin to merchants due to its low transaction fees.”

Initially, Amazon users were fronting a partnership with Bitcoin due to its global usage and appeal. However, compared to LTC, BTC has its limitations; it slows down transactions making fees out of reach. These two are the reason why Litecoin steps in a natural choice for the modern consumer demands. Amazon deserves a network handling high volumes in a second like Litecoin.

Litecoin (LTC) is focused on the Consumer

Consumers are looking for a partner that offers the best value proposition and takes care of scalability issues.  With a high transaction rates in one second, Litecoin is a consumer centric outfit compared to Bitcoin that plays the role of storing value.

The Amazon business model is driven by the masses adopting and needs a stable network that will deliver their products and services to the masses across the globe. The consumers on their part are looking for fast secure system that delivers under the mantra ‘the customer is king’. This presents LTC use as the only available option.

Cutting Edge LitePay Method of Payment

Litecoin LitePay payment system will replace the convectional debit card payment system n Amazon. In the event that the coin is accepted on the Amazon ecosystem, it will replace fiat usage when paying for Amazon products and services.

Amazon affiliate sites are on the increase and using fiat payment has its restrictions to some countries and using a system that is not governed centrally will mean increased reach and acceptance throughout the globe. This will add value to e-commerce site and will make their route to the market wide.

However, the only limitation to mass adoption is price volatility. However, since started accepting Bitcoin in 2014 their share prices have gone to the moon. As much as the market is volatile, prices can skyrocket overnight or drop and it is all about factoring in on the risks of cryptos.

Digital currency is the future of e-commerce and collaboration between Litecoin and Amazon will not only benefit the partners but the end consumer as well. Litecoin has the global appeal and LitePay is the future and Amazon coming onboard means a bright future for the two.


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