With many first and second generation coin failures to offer solutions to the demanding consumer, QTUM (QTUM) is now merging the best Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies to come up with one platform that is friendly to the business user and ordinary enthusiast.

By picking the Bitcoin latest protocol and the Virtual machine used by Ethereum, QTUM will give the consumer the freedom to choose a network that offers them enough stability and a future. The move will accelerate growth and give the investor enough confidence in the market.

QTUM Hackathon

This is the right time for those who want to build on the QTUM ecosystem to do. This is one way the platform is using to build loyalty and increase its adoption. The platform has been quiet of late on what is happening behind the scenes. While announcing the good news from their official twitter handle, there seems to be more in store for the community:

“QTUM is about to launch its first online hackathon which will last for three months and welcomes anyone who aspires to build on or for QTUM to join”

Simply put, the QTUM hackathon seeks to isolate and implement the better side of Ethereum and Bitcoin to single blockchain that id business focused. This is an hybrid platform that brings together the Ethereum Virtual machine, Bitcoin core and the proof of stake to create a robust environment for DApps development.

According to the team behind the project, this is an off-chain tool that will connect blockchain with the real world business community online. Anyone can participate either to build a on or for QTUM. To participate in the event, you can apply online and get rewarded as well.

Picking the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum for the hackathon comes at a time where QTUM is about to launch the X86 QUTM virtual machine. This machine will make it easy for programing and writing of smart contracts.

QTUM Listing on Coinbaise

The introduction of X86 Virtual Machine means a lot to QTUM (QTUM) and the entire community. The coin will become more popular and might pass Bitcoin and Ethereum and this is one of the reasons more exchanges are interested, by becoming more scalable and usable, more developers are set to onboard and this has prompted Coinbase into adding ERC20 token to their exchange and this could be a good boost for QTUM.

Many investors have been shying away from putting their stakes on QTUM but with the recent developments, there is a lot of hype around the token and this could be the turning moment. For a new entrant into the market, there is a lot of space for growth and the hackathon is one of the best strategies for adoption, loyalty and eventual traction.

QTUM Market Performance

QTUM is ranked 19 by market cap and like other Altcoins, it has been trading on the red for a w days. However, for the last 24 hours the coin is showing some recovery signs after gaining 3.41% against the dollar. At the time of writing, the coin was changing hands at $13.20 and still showing signs of additional surge albeit minimal.

QTUM (QTUM) has a lot of potential and just needs a little boost to start climbing back to the December-January glory days when it was trading above $100. Getting listed on Coinbase might signal a new era for QTUM.


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