Cardano (ADA) Meet Up

The hype and gusto that followed the announcement of the first ever Cardano (ADA) meet-up in the Middle East as left the entire world confused. This could be because of the relations between the West and the Gulf country, Iran. However; without getting into politics, the cryptocurrency has made a clear point, they are a global brand!

The creator of cryptocurrency must have overlooked the political implications in the political arena. The just concluded Cardano (ADA) Meet up in Tehran, Iran was an eye opener to the entire world and put aside political and economic differences distances notwithstanding.

Cardano has been doing inroads into virgin territories and Iran is a hot spot with so many fans. The coins’ popularity however is turned global and the Iran one    was just an icing. The announcement to hold the first meet up on the kind was met different reactions.

Why Cardano (ADA) Meet Up was a Success?

Cardano is a unique project and designed for real world use and that is one of the reasons it was an instant hit in Iran. People are looking for systems that not only makes it easy to make payments but go deeper into addressing the real issues that affect the user. The idea behind the platform is based on its utility.

Cardano development plans runs into the next 50 years and touches on the developing world. They are focusing on countries that are less exploited or “discovered” by the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to the larger extend. Here is where Iran comes in.

Cardano is research driven and to get the best out of the system, you need to touch base with the users. The meet-up in Tehran was about meeting the user in their environment to seek ways of developing user centric solutions for them and that is what drove the coin to the grass roots.

Cardano has for several moths been hunting for partnerships with a huge success. The Middle East market has been neglected by many cryptocurrencies and it is about time for a bold coin like ADA to venture and create partnerships. The goal of the meet-up was to seek out for partnerships with Middle East payment outfits.

What is Fueling Cardano (ADA) Growth?

The Iran meet up was just a series of others to come but the push behind the platform is its future growth potential. No coin can launch and grow without creating awareness. This is an open source outfit making it easy for continuous developments.

Listing of Cardano on the Binance exchange is a good chance to map its route to market. The pairing of ADA, Tether and BNB is a surefire way of increasing Cardano popularity. The exchange will give Cardano a global appeal and reach and this will soon open its doors to mass adoption.

With increased partnerships and support from exchanges of repute, the investor will have no choice but have confidence in ADA. This will work well for Cardano; increased adoption, traction and value. The meet ups and awareness seems to be bearing fruits despite the bleeding market.

Cardano (ADA) Market Recap

Cardano (ADA) is still smarting up from the market down trend and the long awaited smart contract TestNet appears to be the next boost for the coin. The last 24 hours have seen ADA lose to the USD by 1.30% but gained marginally to Bitcoin by 0.32% and it is gearing up for a short term bull-run before the price stabilizes.

The ADA coin is trading at $0.221607, at the tie of writing, which is a good entry point for any investor. With the entire market showing signs of recovery, getting onboard at this point appears logical for any ADA enthusiast. With most structures from the developer team in place, a breakout will see the coin trade at $2 by close of the year.


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