XinFin (XDCE)

XinFin FinTech (XDCE) announced the appointment of Mr. S.V Sukumar to their development team in a consultant and advisory role. Mr. Sukumar previously worked at KPMG India as partner and Head of Strategy and Operation consulting at the financial firm. He is the Senior Advisor at XinFin FinTech and is focused on helping the company connect to the industries and enterprises. He will oversee the global adoption of the hybrid blockchain to facilitate international trade.

Having worked for a couple of Fortune 500 companies in the recent past, Mr.Sukumar has vast experience in industrial and management consulting. He is a well-respected managing consultant that pioneered implementation of various concept such as Six Sigma, Lean and TQM. He also has a hand on various other sectors of the economy where he has improved the general functioning and strategies. He is also a revolutionary in the global trading market where he has been able to place policies that promote overall growth of the company by increasing revenue and reducing costs of business.

Mr. Sukumar is optimistic of the capabilities XinFin has in impacting the global trade network and the overall businesses payment systems.

“Blockchain holds huge potential to disrupt multiple industries by improvising business processes as a mediator, I will connect the two parallels of blockchain and business. XinFin comprises of a dynamic young team focused on developing a revolutionary technology hence, it’s a great opportunity for me to be a part of this revolution.”–– S.V Sukumar, Senior Advisor at XinFin FinTech

Mr. Sukumar will act in the position of consultant and advisor to XinFin FinTech Ltd. He will use his vast connections and networks to unveil the hybrid blockchain to the business users and international merchants in a bid to create a market for XinFin. Sukumar will also be responsible for connecting the technology with industrial usage to create awareness. He also will be key in creating business implementation strategies to allow ease of integrating the blockchain to the business models while providing management support for comprehensive amalgamation. This is key for overall adoption of the XinFin network across institutions, especially financial institutions.

XinFin CEO and Co-founder Peter Yeo is one of the enthusiasts who sees the newest member of XinFin bring his managerial and consulting prowess to tap major clients and boost overall XinFin hybrid network. “His immense experience, network and passion for client service will help XinFin grow leaps and bounds with compliance Blockchain solution with large enterprise.”–– XinFin Fintech Co-Founder Peter Yeo stated during the announcement.

The XinFin Network

The XinFin XDC01 protocol is a hybrid blockchain leveraging on the best of both the Ethereum blockchain and Quorum blockchain. The protocol offers partial anonymity by allowing its users (mostly industries and enterprises) to determine which transactions will remain public and which remain anonymous or confined to a group.

The platform is powered by the XDC and XDCE tokens with the XDCE token available on various exchanges such as Bancor Network. Trading at $0.005203 USD and a total market capitalization of $19,049,671 USD the token is ranked 367th on Coinmarketcap.



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