This article gives a detailed technical analysis of VeChain (VEN), Ripple (XRP) and Lisk (LSK) price charts and movements expected in the prices.

VeChain (VEN/BTC) Technical analysis

The MACD line is currently in a downtrend and in a negative divergence with the 9-day EMA signal line. The declining MACD line is showing a strong signal to sell by investors on the VEN/BTC hourly chart. The price of VEN/BTC as seen on the charts increases with a positive divergence. However, the price remains relatively stable with a negative divergence or stable difference. The signal line is set to cross the MACD line which shows the possibility of a bullish trend to come.

This is confirmed by the RSI oscillator that is currently hit 30.6 signaling a strong willingness to sell by investors. Historically, such a low RSI is followed up by a bullish trend on the pair. The reversal of the bearish trend seen on the chart above is set that may see the coin surpass the 0.00195BTC mark. The bull trend is set with the price of BTC set to hit $8000 soon.

You can learn more about VeChain’s new main net network VeChain THOR (VET) here.

Ripple (XRP) Technical Analysis

Looking at the XRP/USD hourly chart, the coin seems to be entering a bearish momentum. The MACD line is crossing below the signal line showing a period of bears is on the way. Historically, as seen on the chart below, the MACD having a stable uptrend is closely followed by an increase in price of XRP. The MACD line has crossed its signal in a downtrend showing a possible bearish trend is on the way.

The RSI is testament to the bearish trend as it has crossed below the middle line. The RSI shows a slight bearish momentum on the chart with the RSI expected to rise. The decreasing RSI shows that the prices are expected to lower even further. The bearish trend looks to reverse as previous bear run on the chart below shows.

XRP’s partner, Ripple Inc. is continuing their massive expansion of their xCurrent technology across banks and financial institutions worldwide offering hope to future adoption of the cryptocurrency. The recent announcement of Santander Group as a partner to Ripple Inc. may be a reason to invest in XRP in this bear trend.

Lisk (LSK/BTC) Technical Analysis

Historically, a pump in the bought and sold volumes measured by the relative strength index while below the 50 mark is followed by a bearish trend as seen. The RSI crossed below the middle performance index and is currently showing a bearish trend to follow. As seen from the chart above, the price of the LSK/BTC decreases as the RSI falls while below the middle mark. The price then increases as the RSI soars past the halfway mark. The reversal of the short bullish trend seen at the start of the month is set with the market turning bearish.

Lisk is currently trading at $9.54 (0.00125305 BTC) representing a slight 1.45% (2.14%) in the last 24 hours. The coin is placed 24th on Coinmarketcap market capitalization rankings with a total of $1,016,832,375 USD value.


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