With many open source developers relying on GitHub, their survival might be threatened after the outfit was acquired by Microsoft. Started as a small programing hobby outfit, GitHub has grown over a short period of time to become a resourceful global open source reservoir.

Computing demands keep increasing and many small businesses and large enterprises have looked up to GitHub for bespoke solutions. Technology has become a way of life and each and every industry relies on technology. The continued need to write codes has expended the GitHub scope to gain Microsoft recognition.

With so many alliances and partnerships in the cryptocurrency market, Microsoft could be warming up to enter the digital money market with GitHub on their side. However, if this turns out to be true, it is about time fierce competition is setting in among digital currencies.

GitHub and Cryptocurrency

GitHub has been very instrumental in the development of cryptocurrencies. Most crypto-testnets are tested on the platform and most of these mock tests have become very successful in the crypto-sphere. With increased vulnerabilities in the blockchain arena, most bugs and other threats are gotten rid of through the GitHub collaboration.

In their blog, Microsoft noted that:

Today, we announced an agreement to acquire GitHub, the world’s leading software development platform. I want to share what the acquisition will mean for our industry and for developers.”

The announcement by Microsoft to buy GitHub can mean a lot not only to cryptocurrencies but the global coding technology. Acquiring the largest code source entity appears to signal their intent to capitalize on the demand for coding services and make it a monopoly.

On his part, Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO adds:

“Together we will continue to advance GitHub as a platform loved by developers and trusted by organizations.”

Microsoft Expanding Global Reach and Expertise

GitHub hosts over 28million developers and prides for over 85milion codes that are shared globally, this is the largest code depository where developers grow their skills, share and mentor others to serve in the various industries that thrive through coding.

Microsoft quest for software development cannot be disputed and they have created technologies that we use in our daily lives. Their goal has always to empower individuals and companies to move to the next level. Their developer focused approach to solutions is a reason why they have brought GitHub onboard.

What are GitHub Opportunities in the Future?

Microsoft will help nature and empower developers to enhance the traditional GitHub collaboration and maintain its original goal of an open-source platform. As a developer you are free to join and extend your prowess with the freedom to use tools, coding languages and OS that they are familiar and comfortable with.

Microsoft will streamline GitHub route to market using their direct sales mechanisms already in place. Already Microsoft has well defined partnership channels and affiliates that will help their new acquisition easy access to the existing global market.

The GitHub arm of Microsoft will work independently with own community in an open source environment. Once the deal is sealed by the end of the year, the outfit will be headed by Nat Friedman as the CEO.

If the speculations are correct, then GitHub will facilitate Microsoft’s entry into the cryptocurrency world with a lot of ease. This could also explain why GitHub preference was to for the outfit to go public. Microsoft entry into the crypto world is likely to turn it around and make it more competitive especially on the software development niche.


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