Funfair (FUN) may not be getting much hype in the media, but it is making moves that could give it a massive boost in value in the near future. Take for instance the announcement that they intend to shift towards licensing. The idea behind it is that instead of people seeking online gambling licenses from their respective governments, they can use the funfair license. To quote the funfair CEO,

“Some of them [licenses] are very useful in that they are platform licenses, allowing us to do whitelabelling, allowing anyone to use our license to operate their own casino without needing their own license.”

This is a big deal, and could push the value of funfair (FUN) further up the crypto ladder, for a number of reasons.

First, for potential casino investors to launch their gambling casinos, they will pay funfair using the funfair token. This will play a major role in pushing up the value of the funfair token in the long-run. That’s because part of what gives value to crypto tokens is the number of people using them. It drives up volumes, and adds to such a token’s utility value. In the case of funfair, these volumes will be quite heavy. That’s because online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are tons of investors who would like to enter this industry, and get a piece of the pie. The only hindrance to their ambitions is the cost and time required to acquire a license. Given that funfair is making this process easier for them, it is guaranteed to see applications it the thousands, from all over the world.  It’s simply a case of the market responding to a practical solution to an existing need.

On top of that, the funfair team is looking to push this licensing model all across the world. They are seeking to acquire gambling licenses globally, and give gambling investors a wider scope of operations in their online gambling investments. This will further anchor the value of this token in the future, by increasing the size of potential investors.  Though they are still in beta, the strategic direction they have taken gives the most value to the funfair token. Licensing has way more value than funfair investing in building gambling platforms by themselves.

Another factor that will play a role in pushing up funfair going forward is the fact that it is listed on major exchanges. For instance, funfair is listed on Binance, one of the largest and most liquid exchanges in the world. This is important for driving up volumes, and drive up the price of Funfair (FUN).

In essence, the new strategic direction that funfair is taking, coupled with the listing on major exchange will see its value surge in the near future. Funfair (FUN) is a diamond in the rough, and once it goes live, its value could shoot up to $0.50 within this year. It is definitely worth watching!


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